Sunday, 26 March 2017

Three ways I ditched the daily hair wash and how you can do the same!

For as long as I can remember I've been an everyday hair washer. It was a habit my Mum had, so one I naturally picked up whilst growing up. However, when my boiler recently broke and washing my hair daily just wasn't an option. It made me really rethink this habit and just a month later I've gone from washing my hair daily to every 4-5 days. Here's how you can do the same!

1. I got the chop
Within a couple of days of realising my hot water wasn't returning any time soon I decided it was time for a trip to the hair dressers. It's crazy how getting rid of a few dead inches can transform your hair. Without any dead weight my hair is so bouncy, meaning the roots look lifted!

2. I found the right products for me
I've been using canned dry shampoo for years, but they never worked amazingly for me. I switched to baby powder a few months back and haven't ever looked back. Not only are the results amazing (my hair has made everyone in my household convert), the tub is sooo long lasting!

3. I had a restyle
Ok, so admittedly I just throw my hair back for work during the week. But I've found that switching my hair up can keep the grease at bay. The front of my hair gives a lot away, so If I'm getting to the end of the week I may give myself a more central parting.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Lifestyle | Why I'm glad I took a blogging break

I realised a while back that I've never really addressed my months of absence.  I never really intended on taking a 'blogging break', it was just a natural progression when I reached the final stages of my degree. Although If we're being completely honest I'm really bloody glad that I did.

Personally I have always adored blogging. That's why this page still exists five years later , although I've never allowed myself to be completely 'sucked in' by the community. Whilst earning my degree, I also had both a paid and voluntary job. I didn't have time to blog, If we're being completely honest I barely had time to bother with makeup!

So rather than pushing out crappy posts I had no interest in, I took a step back. My personal life will always come first, in the many months I was away, I picked up my grades by nearly a whole classification and spent a lot of time growing up. Fast forward a few more months, I've been working full time in an industry I love and I've just been accepted to study a teaching course at the university of my dreams.

I think for years there's been this misconception in the blogging world that to be a success you need to have a string of consistent content. While there's no denying that regular helps keeps audiences interested, I for one am sick of blogging having to be such a robotic thing. Rather than put out content I hate for the stake of consistency, I took time away. My blog didn't vanish and my followers didn't grow legs and walk away. I look back at my posts from the summer and am proud of that content - that is the type of blogger I aspire to be.

I took a massive blogging break, but I needed that to full back in love with blogging again.