Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Primark Beauty Blender dupe

The Primark Beauty Blender dupe
I am obsessed with Primark Beauty right now, and seem to have a rapidly growing collection of their beauty sponges! When I saw this pack of four mini sponges my brain automatically screamed mirco mini, as they instantly remained me of their Beauty Bender sisters. The major difference being the massive gap in price, While you can grab two sponges for £14.50 from beauty blender, the Primark alternative offers four sponges for just £2.50! 
While I cant say I've tried the Beauty Blender alternative, I have no need as these are everything I hoped for. I love using these mini blenders to dap my concealer into those hard to reach areas - they are just the ideal size!
Beauty Blender dupe
If you're tempted by the micro minis, I'd recommend giving these a go! Have you tried anything from Ps..Pro yet?!