Monday, 24 October 2016

LUSH Big Shampoo | Worth the hype?

If there's one product that's always intrigued me from Lush it's this sea salt shampoo. Priced at £12.75 for a 330g tub this is hardly the cheapest shampoo on the market, but here's why its worth all 1275 pennies! On opening the tub you are greeted by the most wonderful clean smell, a smell that remains in my hair all day! As you can see the texture of this shampoo is unlike majority of others on the marketing, somewhat resembling a scrub. While some may find this scary I find that I really enjoy the feeling of the see salt on my scalp. I personally find that it helps exfoliate the scalp without being to harsh and is something you get used to pretty quickly.

I find that with this product less is more, it lathers so well that you only need a tiny amount meaning that this tub has lasted months (and still has around a third left).I was the sort of girl who washed her hair everyday, but this completely changed that allowing me to go two, even three days. Something unheard of with other shampoos. It gives my fine flat hair that extra bit of lift and I have finally embraced  my natural waves!

 While I was sceptical of spending so much on a shampoo, this is well worth the money for me and is something I will continue to use!

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  1. I've always been really skeptical on Lush's shampoo's as well as I just thought it was such a small amount for an expensive amount, but i'm glad to hear it actually works well and goes far. I may need to rethink my stance and give it a try! :)
    Holly x |