Saturday, 23 July 2016

My Love Me Beauty Experience

 While I don't really do the whole beauty box thing anymore, this month has been a massive exception, as there have been some wonderful offerings floating about! One of these would have to be this months 'Love Me Beauty' offering, which is slightly different from your average beauty box bundle. Rather than giving you a selection 'of products matched to you' - which lets face it, never really are, Love me beauty let you choose the products for you. For £10 a month, you get 60 credits to spend in their very own boutique, where prices range from 10-30 credits. While I love the idea that you can add to these credits if you wish by spending more money, I found this to be a little on the pricey side (£5 for 20 credits, £10 for 50 credits etc).
This month, I felt truly spoilt for choice between all of the Pixi and OPI offerings. Although in the end I went for two Pixi picks I hope will help hide my serious lack of sleep in the form of this Beauty Sleep Cream (worth £24) and this correction concentrate (worth £14). They were both 25 credits each, so popped these 'yes to blueberries' wipes (worth £1.99) in my basket to spend the remaining 10 credits. 
Overall I had a pretty good experience and love my new items, however was left disappointed at the state that my Pixi bits arrived in (the boxes were crushed!). I did take to twitter to demonstrate this although sadly no one got back to me. It didn't give me the best impression of Love Me Beauty as a whole. although I would consider ordering if a few items took my fancy.
Have you tried Love Me Beauty before?

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  1. I had a horrendous experience with Love Me Beauty a few years ago. They repeatedly lied to me about whether or not my order had been dispatched, changed the estimated delivery once I'd ordered and it took 14 days for it to arrive. I was very unimpressed, which is a shame as I love the concept! x