Monday, 6 June 2016

Twenty One

May was somewhat hectic! I finally finished my law degree, moved house, started my new job, and turned 21! I've done a birthday post every year since I was 17, so figured despite the busyness, 21 should be no exception to this rule!

As you can imagine, I received a whole host of ‘21’ themed gifts, although my favourites include this spotty wine glass, 21 fame and pot of dreams!
I was very limited for suitcase space so was super grateful to receive this mini Summer Berry Yankee candle, along with some strawberry scented tea lights. I also received a few beauty bits including a Shiny Happy people gift set from lush, the layer cake soap in particular smells incredible, and two lovely perfumes from Gucci and Diesel.

Finally received enough wine to start my own cellar (my friends know me well) along with money to help decorate my new bedroom – It looks a tiny bit like an Ikea showroom right now, so I may pop up a post showing you around very soon!


  1. Loved this post! I hope you have a great year! :)