Sunday, 18 January 2015

Soap & Glory: Orangeasm

After finally finishing my exams last week, I treated myself to this Soap and Glory Eau-La-La set for £8 just in the Boots sale. For the entire Orangeasm range containing a fragrance, body butter and shower gel, I thought this was a great deal and couldn't wait to put the set to work! 
Orangeasm Super Tonic Fragrance (£12.00/100ml) - I expected to love this. Housed in a thin glass bottle, I love  the look of this bottle on my dressing table and think it looks more expensive than it actually is. Having quite an expensive collection of Soap & Glory products I expected this to be really sweet smelling, however it's somewhat more 'sophisticated' than your average Soap & Glory Fragrance containing 'energising elemi, fresh green mandarin, cool mint, Sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils' and smells rather tangy in my opinion. While its not a scent I'd normally be attached to I do rather like it on, and one of my house mates even complimented it after I'd sprayed it. However the lasting power on this spray is terrible. I understand that in terms of fragrance this is on the more budget side of things, however a fragrance which fades after 5 minutes seems rather pointless to me and it really lets the product down.
Orangeasm Super Rich Body Butter (£10.00/300ml) - Luckily the Orangasm body butter saved the day, and is a firm favouirte of mine. Filled with the same tangy scent, the texture of this body butter reminds me a lot of S&G's famous The Righteous Butter, only slightly thicker and filled with Shea butter massage balls. The butter sinks into the skin effortlessly and fails to leave any form of greasy film meaning it is super convenient if I'm in a rush. This is an absolute joy to use, and to be frank the only product in the range I would consider picking up again. 
 Orangeasm Body Wash (£6.50/500ml) - This is by far my least favourite product from the range. Like all S&G showergels the quality of the shower gel itself is great, in that it lathers nicely and I only need a little at a time. However the smell of this one baffles me considering I have enjoyed the smell of the other two products. For me personally when I use this in the shower the orange peel smell is too overpowering, and the smell becomes almost hearbly which isn't my cup of tea.

Overall for me personally this range was a bit of a let down, While I enjoyed the scent of the fragrance and body butter, the smell didn't stick around long enough to justify a repurchase and the shower gel was far too hearbly for me. 


  1. i've got this set to and i found the fragrance to disappear really quickly to which i was quite disappointed about! but i love both the other products! The body wash is my favourite i didn't feel like it was to over powering but that may be because orange my all time favourite scent!

    1. For me it wasn't so much the scent of orange, but the orange peel that I hated! Although I will continue to use until I finish the bottle x

  2. Love soap and glorys packaging, soo cute x
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. Maybe use the fragrance as a room spray instead? Thats where all my non - lasting fragrances end up. Am always a fan of soap and glory.... especially the sugar crush!

  4. Thanks for this post. I think this particular range is a bit overhyped really. I tried the shower gel and wasn’t keen on the smell either and in my opinion it smells too minty?! I like other products by S&G though! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  5. You got a bargain with this set! I got the shower gel for Christmas, I hope I like the scent!! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  6. I love Soap and Glory stuff! I think I'm going to purchase the body butter after reading this! xx