Friday, 24 October 2014

My FaceB4 experience

Ever since I started wearing foundation on a regular basis my skin has never quite been the same. Although in recent months the condition of my skin has taken a turn for the worst and I've been desperate to find a skincare routine which works for me. My search lead me to FaceB4, a two stage skincare routine which claims to be the UK's most effective anti-bacterial duo.

I was sent both the FaceB4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash (£14.99/100ml)* and serum (£9.99/30ml)* to try and have been left pretty impressed with the results. I have been using the duo for over a month now and am proud to announce that in the past week I have gone make up free several times, yet it hasn't bothered me one bit!
The treatment is super easy, I simply use the wash and serum twice a day at morning and night. I start with the foaming face wash, which promises to clean pores, reduce excess oil and prevent spots. I loved this as it enabled me to both cleanse and tone in one easy step. As the face wash is marketed as 'Anti-Bacterial' I was a little worried that this would dry my skin out, although I haven't found this to be an issue and really enjoy using the product as it leaves my skin feeling really clean.
After this process I apply one pump of the anti-Bacterial serum. I love that this can be used to prep my skin before applying make up in the morning, and it works equally well at calming it at night. This serum promises to be gentle on all skin types and on-going anti-bacterial protection, although I mostly love how soft my skin feels when I have this on.
While I cant comment on the overall effectiveness of the products separately, together they work like a dream and have transformed my skin in just over a month. Yes, I still suffer from the occasional break out, however they are no longer constant and clear up faster than ever before. I have truly loved using FaceB4, and would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their skin! Its also worth noting that you can grab this duo for just £17.49, which I think is a complete bargain here.

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