Saturday, 9 August 2014

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Pomegranate Razor

 While I realise hair removal isn't the most thrilling topic in the world, I recently got to try this Wilkinson sword razor* and have become a little obsessed . Shaving is my hair removal method of choice, but admittedly I've never been that bothered by what I use. I'm rarely loyal to one brand and seem to float towards whichever one is on offer. But this razor has impressed me, and it's cheap enough for me to consider buying a pack of refill blades! 
 The first thing you may have noticed about this razor is the shape which to my surprise I've actually come to love. I just think the shape of this makes the razor a lot easier to grip and It's also really lightweight! 
This comes complete with a device which allows you to hang your razor up in the bathroom and to let it airdry (genius if your shower lacks space!). Although  its the attachment blade itself which impresses me the most, it's described on the packaging as 'four blades surrounded by gentle creamy soap that lathers, shaves and moisturisers in one easy step. Leaving your skin visibly softer and smoother. No need for shave gel soap or body wash.'
As some as you may have spotted, the top of this packaging claims that the razor contains pomegranate and grapefruit extract, I've never come across a scented razor before but this stuff is heavenly! I literally couldn't stop sniffing it once I'd got this out of its packaging! (which FYI was super easy to get into, no scissors or knifes harmed here!) 
Another thing I love about the attachment itself is that it moves to get a more accurate shave, as does the blade inside of the soap. The blade itself can be moved side to side as well as up or down which I felt was brillant, as it means that the blade can move down as the levels of soap do. 
I've found that this really does the job in terms of leaving my legs smooth! And the wonderful smell makes me look forward to using it! You can pick the razor up here for £6.99 or a pack of three refills here for £7.19, not too bad considering some of the other prices on the market!

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  1. Sounds amazing, and the smell sounds super yummy!
    xprincessjas | ♥