Friday, 1 August 2014

Memebox Superbox #33 Collagen

  I've mentioned Memebox a couple of times here now, although in case you missed my previous blog posts, Memebox is a Korean beauty box service. Unlike most, they aren't a subscription service meaning you can simply select the boxes which appeal to you. Memebox have a really extensive range of boxes over on their website which cater to a range of budgets with their cheapest box being just $15! I also think shipping is pretty affordable too at just $6.99, especially considering how far this has to travel!
This week I was scent the Superbox #33* to try which retails at $35 and contains an amazing six full sized products! Personally when I think of collagen I automatically think of anti ageing skincare, so was really pleased to see such a impressive range of products in this Collagen themed Memebox. Not only is there a lovely mix of skincare products in the box which offer a range of different benefits, they've also managed to include a make up and hair item meaning I can see myself getting use out of every single product!
Superbox's are a little more expensive than the other Memebox I have featured, although I definitely think this reflects in the value of the products you receive. This box retails at $35 although the products inside add to $186 which I'm sure you will agree is amazing value for money. Every product in this Collagen box is also full size, meaning you're really getting your moneys worth!
As always this came with a card explaining what each product is and how to use it, which is a complete lifesaver as the majority of the packaging is in Korean.
Ramosu Carestory Collegen Extract ($36/10ml) - Although this is quite medicinal looking, this product is described as a '100% concatenated collagen ampule which will deliver intense hydration, and facilitate cell regeneration for more supple and firmed up babyskin' you simply use a couple of drops on the face per application meaning it should last a really long time. I tested this on the back of my hand earlier and found it left it so soft! I really cant wait to include this in my skincare routine.

Dermahouse Collagen Firming Cream ($29/30ml) - This cream containing collagen and Shea butter promises 'disappearance of fine lines, improvement of the skin texture and clarity of your skin'. Personally I'd be really interested to see if this works in terms of clarity!

Dewytree Real Collagen Nutrition Serum ($39/50ml) - For me this Serum is one of my favourite things included in the box and promises to 'treat enlarged pores, sagging skin and signs of aging'. I've applied this to my face a couple of times now and have been blown away by it, my face has never felt so smooth! I'm also really interested to see if this helps treat my enlarged pores, so will be sure to post a follow up review. I'm also a huge fan of a packaging!

3W Clinic Collagen Make-up Base ($30/50ml) - This was the product I was probably the most excited about when I opened the box! This make-up base is basically a green primer which 'contains blemish-control powder components' and helps to maintain your make up all day long. I told you this box wasn't going to be just anti ageing skincare, and I really love that there's a product in here targeting a different skin type! Again I adore the packaging on this one, it's a glass bottle so it feels really expensive, its also an impressive 50ml too!
The skin house wrinkle collagen free spot ($28/30ml) - I know I've played the packaging card twice already, but just look at how high end this product looks! Possibly my favourite product aestetically speaking! This treatment can be used to 'nullify the signs of aging by filling in between lines and winkles', it can also be used as an eye cream. Personally I don't suffer from any form of lines or wrinkles so for me personally this will be used as an eyecream. It's a massive 30ml size so imagine this will last me ages!

Abelle So Hot-Burning Concentrate Ampoule ($24/20ml) - The last product is a hair one, which was a nice surprise in a collagen box. I cant get over the price of this, although I guess why that's why I love Memebox, you really do get value for money! You basically use this product after shampooing and apply it evenly throughout your hair, place a cap over your head and leave it there for 5-15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. I'm really excited for this one and cant wait to put it to the test as I love hair treatments!

So there you have it, My first Superbox! Personally I love that this box wasn't just aimed at more mature skin, I'm only 19 and I can see myself using each and everyone of these products!  Memebox have been lovely enough to give me another code to give to you guys, meaning throughout the month of August you can get $5 off of any order with the code 96ZGKX (one use per customer). Will you be trying memebox?


  1. Looks amazing :')
    I have a surprise box on the way so fingers crossed for this one now

    1. I'm so happy with everything included and I'm excited to hear about which one you get :) x

  2. I have just ordered my first meme box, I am super excited this looks a great box xxxx