Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My bargain Stila palette

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you may have already heard about my recent Stila bargain. As they still have this pretty palette in stock, I figured today I would share my thoughts on it with you. Currently over at, you can get this color me pretty palette filled with five convertible colors for just £9.75. These normally retail at £16 each so I'm sure you'll agree this is a pretty amazing deal. They're a little smaller than the single versions, although if you're anything like me you'll struggle to use a whole shade up anyway!
The palette contains five shades; Kitten, Peony, Gerbera, Rose and Petunia. Meaning in this little tin you need everything you need in terms of blush, highlight and lips! Normally I find with these types of products, the product itself is either more suited to the lips or cheeks. But this appears to be a rare exception in that each shade seems equally suited to both!
The shades are super pigmented meaning with just a dot or two on the cheeks you're good to go! They blend pretty effortlessly too meaning, the only problem you will have is picking a shade to use next! On the lips the shades feel comfortable, and last over 3 hours which I felt was impressive (as I was eating and drinking during this time).
Left to Right in the palette are the following shades (or Bottom to Top in the below picture); Kitten (a beautiful champagne highlight which I believe is exclusive to the palette), Peony (a sophisticated brown toned pink which is super easy to wear) , Gerbera (a pretty peachy shade, which is one of my favourites on the cheeks), Rose (a dark rosey pink which transfers to the lips as a beautiful easy to wear red shade and takes just a tiny dot to brighten up the cheeks),and  Petunia  ( a bright coraly pink which looks scary in the pan, but stunning on the cheeks.)
What do you think of this pretty palette?


  1. Gorgeous shades, love them all! I just went to purchase this and its now out of stock :( wahhhh :(
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Well that is bloody typical! Sorry lovely, If your lucky you may see it floating around somewhere! xx

  3. This looks lovely! It would be so good for travelling too as its lots of different colours in the one handy palette:)


    1. My thoughts exactly, You literally get 4 lip looks, 4 cheek looks and a highlight with this baby! xx

  4. Wow, I love the range of colours! I only have one go-to blush at the moment and my lip colour collection definitely needs added to so I'm lusting after this so much now xD
    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

  5. What a lovely palette!!!