Friday, 15 August 2014

My bad skin day saviours

Despite our best efforts we're all prone to the occasional bad skin day! Personally I find that break outs like to creep up when I'm super busy, So going make up free and allowing my skin to breathe isn't an option! Now I love a lightweight coverage foundation as much as the next girl, but on days like this its time to pull out the big guns!

 Lately I've noticed that the skin around my spots tends to get a little drier than other areas, so its important to insure I've prepped my skin properly with a good moisturiser. My current favourite for the mornings is this The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£11.00/50ml) which I'm running awfully low on as I use it so much. I simply leave this to sink into my skin before I use a primer. I hate having to touch up my make up throughout the day, so using a primer is essential to insure my make up lasts as long as possible with minimal effort. To counteract any redness breakouts my cause, I like to use this 3W Clinic Collagen Make up base* I recently got in a Memebox, although there are lots of green primers on offer in the UK too such as this one from No7. Personally I think green primers/concealers are such underrated products and well worth a go if you suffer with redness.

Next I use higher coverage foundation such as this Wake me up foundation from Rimmel (£8.99/30ml). I really enjoy using this on bad skin days as allows me to still achieve a nice glow while still wearing a higher coverage foundation. After blending my foundation, I like to go back in and conceal any unwanted blemishes that are still peeping through with a high coverage concealer such as this dual coverage concealer from Becca (£24.00), I have used this non stop since discovering it, and am getting dangerously close to hitting pan! If any of you guys can recommend a cheaper alternative, please let me know as I'll be so sad to finish this up! Finally, I like to use a matte powder over the concealer to insure it lasts for as long as it can! My favourite is this Stay Matte pressed powder from Rimmel (£3.99) which just sets the concealer nicely without adding any extra coverage or caking. 

So there you have it, the make up steps I take to achieve flawless looking skin on my worst days! Do you have any tips for better looking skin?


  1. The body shop's vitamin e range is lovely!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Love wake me up foundation!! And any of the vitamin E range from TBS is worth having in my opinion:)


  3. I LOVE the Body Shop Cream and the Stay Matte powder is on of my alltime faves! Xx