Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Simply Sun Kissed

I've never dyed my hair, although I love using lightening products in the summer, So when Mellor & Russell contacted me about their Simply Sun Kissed Gradual Hair Lightener* (which retails at just a pound!) I jumped at the chance to try it. For years I  have been extremely loyal to a similar product which retails for around seven times the price of this one, so was interested to see if this could match up. 
The problem with my hair is that I have just about every shade of blonde mixed into it, it's just naturally like this and tends to be darker towards the roots as you may see in the below pictures. Although I do prefer the lighter look which has lead me towards products such as this in the past. 
Mellor & Russell's Simply Sun Kissed, comes in a handy 200ml spray bottle which you simply apply to wet hair and blow dry since this is heat activated. Although admittedly I have skipped this step a couple of times as I have a tendency to be very lazy! But I do use heat tools later in the day which I think has been helpful, It was also pointed out to me that you could simply sit out in the sun after which I think is a great idea. I've used this around 4-5 times now, and have noticed a big difference to my hair. Sadly this doesn't show as much in the below pictures as it does in person, although hopefully you can see that this has had an effect on my hair and has really helped to blend those darker tones! I've just spotted that I was in PJ's for both of these pictures with second day unstyled hair like the pro I am.
Overall I think this is a great product for the price and I will be buying again if my bottle ever runs out, I am a complete convert to this, and wont be spending £7 on a gradual lighter again! You can pick this up in Poundland for (you've guessed it) a pound! If you're interested in this I recommend having a browse of Mellor & Russell's website here, I'm quite surprised by just how many products they have and will be on the look out for the skincare line, You can also keep up to date with there new releases on their Facebook page.
Have you tried anything from Mellor & Russell?


  1. I usually dip dye my ends but i was thinking of using something like this when I go on holiday so I don't have to use really harsh chemicals:)



    1. For a pound its worth a try! I'd love to hear how you got on if you do pick this up! xx