Monday, 14 July 2014

Memebox Scentbox #3

Sometimes I cant help but find myself utterly disappointed with some of the beauty boxes on offer in the UK, So when Korean based brand Memebox got in touch to tell me about their beauty boxes I jumped at the chance to try one! Memebox offer an amazing range of boxes which you can see here, ranging in both price and themes. Unlike other beauty boxes, they aren't a rolling subscription service meaning there are no commitments and you can buy the boxes as you please.
I was sent the scentbox #3* filled with a selection of grapefruit themed products to try. I believe the this is one of three scentbox's Memebox offer along with rose and baby powder. They retail at just $15 (£8.76) plus delivery which I'm sure you'll agree is amazing value when you've seen the contents of the box!
 While I'm sure many would assume delivery would be a lengthy process, My Memebox was sent from Korea on Wednesday and was in the UK ready to be delivered by Friday! Sadly I missed my DHL man, so didn't end up getting this to the week after, although I still think in the grand scheme of things this is pretty speedy going considering how far this box had travelled. I loved that you get a tracking number so you know where you box is every step of the way. Although it's not just the uk that Memebox deliver to, in fact memebox is available to an impressive 45 countries directly from Korea.
One of the things I loved most about this box is this handy double sided card which explains which each product is and how to use it. Every single product in this box is full sized, something unheard of with a lot of UK based beauty boxes!
Evas Mimi Lauryne's Dress Perfume Mist de grapefruit ($18.00/150ml) - This is a really lovely grapefruit scented room spray which I've been pretty addicted to since opening this box! It comes in a lovely looking bottle and its a decent amount too.

Karl28 Sunkilling Grapefruit Gel ($30.00/270ml) - This next product retails at double the amount of the box cost meaning you're really getting your moneys worth! It's like Memebox were reading my mind with this one, as the day before I received my this in my Memebox I got really badly sun burnt, after a few days with this my sunburn had disappeared, best of all I used the tiniest amount so I have a feeling this bottle will get me through the whole summer!
Sun Smile Hydro Gel Choosy Fruit ($2 per mask) - Korea is known for its innovative products, so I was super excited to receive these lip marks as I haven't seen anything like this in the UK. I'm really looking forward to putting these to the test and seeing if I can actually last that long with these on! ( The card recommends wearing them for 10-15 minutes)

Happy Fam Deo Fresh Grapefruit ($2/20 wipes) - While these deo wipes are a more practical item, I personally think they're a great idea as they're lightweight and really ideal for travelling! I also think $2 is a really great price point!

The team over at Memebox has been lovely enough to send me a promo code to share with you guys, allowing you to get $5 off your order throughout July, simply enter FC3OSO at the check out. (This is limited to one use per customer). What do you guys think of Memebox?


  1. Must say absolutely love that the products are full sized!!
    And the fact that it's subscription free is a big plus. The only thing I wish is that there were more fruity scents; like cranberry or strawberry!

    LFA Xx

    P.S. Can't wait to see your lip mask review!

    1. Its funny you've mentioned this. I've just spotted three new scents on the Memebox website; floral, tropical fruits and sweet shop. (I have my eye on the sweet shop one!) Plus if you buy two you get one free :) xx

  2. just got hooked on meme box the pore care 3 is amazing! xx