Monday, 28 July 2014

July Non Beauty Favourites

Its non beauty favourites time again so be prepared for a long one as I love to ramble on during these posts! I've loved a lot this month, so I'm going to kick of this months non beauty favouties by delving into my current TV loves as there have been quite a few throughout the month of July!

The first TV Show I've been loving is The 100!  I watched the first season of this at the very beginning of the month and completely loved it. Set 97 years after a nuclear war which left the world inhabitable, a 100 teens are sent down from the spaceship known as the Ark that they've been living on to see if the world is survivable. Things don't exactly go as planned and they're automatically thrown into the deep end, soon to discover they're not alone on earth. For me this was like a futuristic version of Lost, and I completely loved it! The season finale was amazing, so I'm counting down the days until season two!

My second TV love has been Scandal, I spotted this on my sky boxsets earlier this month and have since been obsessed! I'm only on the second season, but so far I think this is brilliant! The series focuses around Olivia Pope, and her team who run a crisis management firm. Olivia Pope and associates strive themselves on taking on the cases no one else will. For me the thing that leaves me obsessed is the secrets the main characters are keeping and the constant twists!

Lastly I've been obessed with Catfish! I've always heard so much about this show, although have never really known what it was about. After a quick google I ended up watching quite a few episodes, and its now one of my go to shows when I have a little free time. Catfish follows the stories of people in online relationships, and more than often things aren't what they seem.
Dinner for Schmucks (£3.25) - A friend made me borrow this earlier in the month and it just really made me laugh! It's just a really lovely story about two unlikely friends, highly worth a watch!

Looking for Alaska by John Green (£5.59) -This story is based around main characters Miles move to boarding school, Its clear from the start that hes a little bit of an outsider in his previous life, which makes the story him finding friendship so beautiful. This book is separated into two sections, Before and after which had me hooked from the beginning. The book begins 'one hundred and thirty six days before', and continues in this fashion. I automatically wanted to know what the book was leading up to although resisted the urge to look and continued to read on until I reached the after section 165 pages in. To be honest like the charterers in the book I refused to believe for a while that the event which the book was leading up to actually happened, I was utterly convinced that it was some kind of mistake or even a dream. After the event in question the life of Miles and his friends is turned completely upside down, and they're desperate for answers. While in some ways they never find these, its clear towards the end of the book we see that they are slowly coming to terms with this. I really liked reading this one, and have picked up yet another John Green book to read!

If I stay by Gayle Forman (£5.59)  - You're pretty much thrown in at the deep end with this book as very early on the main character, Mia and her family, are involved in a devastating accident. As a result of this accident, Mia appears separated from her body, and left watching her loved ones as they gather outside her hospital room while she fights for her life. She has a heartbreaking choice to come to terms with as she reminisces through happy memories of her life, Does she stay and face the consciences of the accident, or will she let go. I really liked this story and am so pleased that there is another ('Where she went') as I'm really interested to know what happened to the characters after the first book.
Dress Perfume Mist De Grapefruit ($18.00/150ml)  -I got this in my Scentbox #3 and I was a little surprised buy how much I love using this. Its just a really nice luxury feeling room scent and I really love spraying it on the fabrics around my room.

Bird Cage Style Lantern - I found this in poundland a couple of months now, but forgot to share it with you guys! I just think this is a really cute addition and I cant get over the fact that it was just a pound!

So there you have it, the non beauty favourites I've been loving this month! Ps. I got a blog Instagram yesterday and would love if you could stop by, you may even see a sneaky picture of upcoming reviews! You can see my page here.


  1. That perfume spritz sounds fab and I really want to read Looking for Alaska have heard wonderful things about it! Maybe it could be my holiday read:)


    1. It smells amazing! I'll be so sad when I finish it! And you might not be able to put it down and waste your whole holiday haha xx

  2. I adore Looking For Alaska, it's possibly my favourite John Green book

  3. i am a catfish addict! interested in the room fragrance, checking it out now.