Friday, 25 July 2014

Babylips Electro in Pink Shock

I am a huge lover of the original Baby lips range so when I spotted these electro versions hanging up in Superdrug I nearly let out a little scream. My Superdrug only seemed to have two shades; a bright pink and a bright orange. I opted for the pink one, otherwise known as 'Pink Shock' as I don't suit orange shades. The packaging of these is pretty much the the same as the original line up, only all lip balms in the electro range are in this black casing allowing the neon baby lips logo to really stand out. 
The balm itself is rather scary looking although once swatched it's clear that this is a much more wearable shade than the neon packaging lets on. Considering this is marketed as a lip balm I was quite impressed with the pigmentation of 'Pink Shock', and have found this to be both moisturising on the lips and really easy to wear. 'Pink Shock' transfers to the lip as a pretty pink shade, although I've noticed you can layer this on to get a more intense brighter look. As with all Babylips the wear time isn't amazing (an hour or two at most) although it smells so good you'll want to reapply throughout  the day!
There's no lip swatch today as my cameras is dead and I really wanted to share this launch with you as soon as I could! Although if you're desperate to see it on the lips there are loads of pictures of this on google simply type in 'pink shock babylips' into the image search bar and you'll discover many! You can pick these up for just £2.99 at selected Maybelline stockists, Will you be adding an Electro Babylips to your collection?


  1. I personally wasn't a fan of the baby lips collection... but this packaging is to die for!
    Abbi xo

  2. I love them, but then again I love a sheer lip x