Friday, 4 July 2014

Aldi's Festival Beauty Fix for under £5!

When this email first popped into my inbox I was automatically sold. The idea of a whole Festival Beauty kit for under £5 really appealed to me, especially as most people heading to a festival aren't going to want to take there most expensive products with them! The whole kit sent to me by Aldi consists of four items comes to the grand total of £3.76. Meaning its not the end of the world if the products end up misplaced or caked or mud by the time it comes to hometime!
Lacura 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes* (£0.89/30 pack) - Festivals tend to leave you pretty grubby, and you're not necessarily going to have easy access to a shower meaning a deep cleanse is probably out of the question. Making wipes a pretty appealing option. These Aldi wipes aim to cleanse, tone and moisturise in one step. Although what really appealed to me is that these Lacura wipes come in a pack for 30 for under a £1! I imagine these would come in handy a lot!
Lacura roll-on deodorant* (£0.59/50ml) - Deodorant is a must have and I've recently switched using roll on deodorants so this was a welcomed addition to the kit.  I'm actually really impressed that this retails for just 59p and definitely would pick it up again! It's long lasting and has a really nice fresh scent to it.
Lacura SPF15 Daily Face Cream* (£1.49/75ml) - Despite the lack of deep cleanse, It's still important to care for you skin. So Aldi have added this face cream to the beauty kit. Not only does it have moisturising benefits, it has added SPF help protect your skin while you're out and about! I've been putting this to the test over the past week and have to say it works a treat and is very lightweight on the skin.
Carino Hairspray Natural Hold* (£0.79/400ml) - Lastly Aldi have added this natural hold hairspary to the kit. At first I was a little puzzled by the addition of this as hair spray tends to leave my hair sticky and often greasy the next day. Although after putting this to the test myself I understand why this has made the cut. Firstly with this I don't actually feel like I'm wearing in hairspray, instead it is lightweight and gives my hair a healthy shine to it. Something I imagine would appeal to many after days without a descent hair wash.

So there you have it, everything in Aldi's Festival fix beauty kit, personally I think they have gone a fab job and loved all of the products! Although  I think that I personally would add a dry shampoo along with a body sun cream. Are you heading to a Festival? Would you consider these cheap Aldi alternatives? 


  1. Wow SPF 15 for only £1.49! Guess I'll be taking a lil trip down to Aldi before T in the Park next weekend haha!


  2. OMG! Usually the hairspray alone would come up to that price! I'm especially loving the look of the SPF 15 Face Cream!!! Must go hunting down my local Aldi!

    LFA Xx