Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen in Black Excess

Despite trying tones of beauty products every year, there's one product I've never been able to master! If you haven't guessed from the title already, I'm talking about eyeliner, although this new launch from Maybelline has been a complete game changer for me, and thanks to the ease of application has become a staple in my make up bag.
I've had my eye on the They're real push up liner since posts first started popping up around a month ago, although at nearly £20 I was pretty determined to find a cheaper alternative and as you can imagine I was over the moon when I saw this Lasting Drama gel liner from Maybelline.
While this isn't the cheapest product around at £8.99, its around £10 cheaper than the Benefit alternative! The design is also really similar being a gel formula in a pen form with a flexible angled tip. You simply turn the bottom of the pen once to release the product, although if too much spills out like in the below picture be sure to wipe any excess away.
I really like the packaging of this, not only is it clean and simple the fact that you screw the lid into place insures the liner is kept in the best possible state and is less likely to dry out.  As I've already mentioned liner is also a gel formula means that you still get that intensity which comes with classic gel liners with the ease of a pen style applicator. This angled tip also allows users to control the thickness of their desired line. Once applied this lasted all day on me without any problems. Although this isn't the easiest product to get off so I'd recommend using a good remover along side it (I found Bioderma works a treat).
Overall I think this is a great little product, and potentially a fantastic Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Dupe! You can find it on the highstreet for £8.99, although as always look out for offers!


  1. oh this looks interesting, Id love to try it:)

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    1. It's a great product, worth looking out for deals! Xx

  2. I really want to try a gel pen eyeliner but don't want to splurge on the Benefit one. Thanks for posting about this! xx

  3. I definitely need to try this!! Looks gorgeous + SO much cheaper than the Benefit version! X

    A Blonde Moment

  4. I really want to try this but not sure as I love my liquid eyeliner so much. May have to wait until I see an offer but it looks great.
    Beth x