Saturday, 14 June 2014

Essence hair dye powder

Much to my Mothers despair my little eleven year old sister is pretty much obsessed with the idea of brightly coloured dip dyed hair, so as you can imagine they were both other the moon when I brought home these more temporary solutions in the form of Essence's Rock Style hair dye powders*. 
There are four shades available, bright blue, marvelous mint, pretty purple and pink punk. Each powder comes in a sturdy plastic pot which matches the shade inside. The eyeshadow styled packaging also makes for a super easy application, I simply press her hair into the powder starting where she wants the look to begin and pull it down to the ends of her hair. Once this is done I tend to brush her hair to make the look less intense and seal with hair spray. This process literally takes under a minute and once in place lasts until her next hair wash.
I was super impressed with how well this showed up in her brown hair although my main concern was that the dye was going to transfer everywhere, this hasn't been much of an issue though. I would however recommend having a wet wipe on the go and wearing an old towel around your shoulders for application as otherwise the dye can leave your hands and t shirt covered in dye.  I will point out this really easy to remove from the skin and fabrics (once in the wash was enough to combat this).
After a few uses, I know my sisters hair started to feel a little dry, although she is now combating this by insuring she gives her hair a good condition whenever she washes it and trying to reserve using the dye for special occasions rather than an everyday thing. Here she is wearing the shade pink punk brushed out slightly to give a less intense look.
So there you have it, a great solution to anyone who wants to experiment more with their hair without any major lasting damage.. I have a feeling these will be flying of the stand in time for festival season! You can pick these up from Essence stands for just £2.99.


  1. I love dip dye looks, these looks good as they wash out! Perfecto!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I think they're a great idea personally :) xx