Friday, 27 June 2014

Essence Eyeliner Pen

I'm trying really hard to not bombard you with Essence products lately, although I felt like this eyeliner deserved its own post since I've been wearing it on a daily basis. After blogging a couple of weeks ago about my Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner I thought it would be a long long time before another eyeliner love made it into my life. After all I expressed in that post how terrible I was at applying eyeliner and how rare it was for me to like one. While I still have been adoring that that Maybelline one for creating more intense looks on nights out, I have found my new everyday favourite in the from of Essence's extra long lasting eyeliner pen!*
I've tried eyeliners with felt tip applicators in the past although to be honest none have been quite so easy to apply, I think this is down to Essences thin and long nip. It just makes it easy for the product to glide across my lash line giving a really thin natural look or I can build on the line to make it thicker if I'm going for a more intense look.
Although this liner really stood out to me over the weekend, when I spent the whole day in the garden with my face literally melting off. Twelve hours later this stuff still looked newly applied! Since then I've also found myself on the underground on a boiling day and found the same. I just really don't get how this stays so well, especially as it removes so easily with my Body Shop cleansing butter!
Overall this ticks just about every box for me it's; pigmented, long lasting, smudge proof and its pretty damn cheap at £2.49! Whats your favourite Essence product?


  1. Wow I thought the collection pen was cheap at £3.49! Will definitely look into getting this I'm such a winged eye liner fiend :p


    1. Well worth a try, I think its fab! xx