Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Three Favourite Necklaces..

In my early teenage years I went through a stage of absolutely adoring jewelry, in fact you would rarely see me without it, although as I've gotten older I've gotten to the stage were I rarely bother.. well up until last month! I dont know what happened but I suddenly am a massive fan of necklaces, and today I figured I'd share with you guys my favourite three.
This first Primark triangle necklace was the one which kick started the obsession, It wasn't too over the top like most of the designs in the store. Instead it stood out to be because it was extremely wearable and a mere second later it was in my basket of joy!
I just love the simplicity of this tube necklace from H&M, I don't know what it is but It was one of those things I had to have. This necklace was available in two colours, sliver and gold. Although  after much deliberation I went for the goldy shade as I liked the look of it more. This necklace just goes with everything, and I just cant get enough of it - Worth every single penny!
This final one was the cheapest and most delicate of the three. I originally had the bracelet version of this necklace which earned me so many compliments, so when I discovered there was a necklace too it had to be mine! This is just a great addition to those more laid back outfits that just need a little something extra. Plus its was an amazing find at just £1.50!

So there you have it my three favourite bargain necklaces! Which is your favourite? 


  1. I love them all however the first one from Primark is my favourite of all! :)


    1. For £3, it couldnt be left behind :) xx

  2. I love Primark necklaces, I depend on them ha ha!


    1. Cant help but look at them everytime i'm in there now! xx