Saturday, 10 May 2014

Things to do this summer..

I've spent the day packing up the last of the things and wishing everyone goodbye which means first year at university is pretty much over and the prospect of a four month long summer is upon me. Having such a long time off seems pretty odd to me since I've pretty much worked my arse off this year and I'm honestly proud of what I've managed to achieve in such a sort space of time. I knew my degree wouldn't be a doss, but at times I don't think that was half of the struggle and it was probably my own thought for taking on too much too soon. Within a couple of weeks of starting my program I started work experience at a local firm, on top of learning to be an adult - which apparently isn't as easy as it sounds. I've already finished my lectures, coursework and and exams meaning there's already a huge gap in my life which i want to fill throughout my summer. So without further waffle - here's what I want to do this summer.

Gain more experience or volunteer  - Perhaps contradictory to the first paragraph, although this is something I'm pretty much determined to do during the summer! I know it will take me a grand total of a week before I begin to get bored and since I'll be moving back home during the summer, I'll be in the financial position to work for free which is something I can pretty much guarantee ever will happen again. So I'm determined to give up some of my time either to volunteer or to gain more work experience to figure out what exactly it is that I want to do. 

Visit different cities -  Minus the odd open day and moving to a different city for Uni, I cant say I've ever explored too many others. Which is why I will be taking full advantage of the people I have met both from my course and in my halls and making them give me the grand tour. I'm really looking forward to seeing new places, and of course seeing everyone again!

Take a little holiday - This one is kind of similar to the above, although I'm aiming to become a little more touristy. Myself and a few friends have booked a 4 night holiday just before the kids finish school really cheaply, although we're only going about 45 minutes up the road we're all still really excited for our little sea side get away. 

Discover more cheap days out - When I'm at home I live in London which doesn't exactly provide me with a whole host of cheap days out, although I'm hoping to be more savvy this summer which means swapping eating out for picnics and expense days out with some free alternatives.

Invest my money - Hopefully in being more savvy with my days out I'll be able to save some money for a new camera! I'm also planning on walking pretty much everywhere which should help towards this since bus fare can be pretty pricey!

Read for enjoyment - Other than when I had a little time off for Christmas, I haven't voluntarily picked up a book since this time last year! I already have a load on my list, so cant wait to get started!

Blog more - Spending my time in halls has meant that I've not had too much free time on my hands, and when I do I normally spend it sleeping or socialising! I've really missed blogging frequently and hope to do it a lot more over the coming months.

Start reading up on next years modules - If I'm honest this is probably the thing I'm least likely to do although a girl can dream! I really want to start next year with some background knowelege which is why I'll be looking at whats to come before the start of my second year.

So there you have it, my plan for the summer! What have you guys got planned?

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