Monday, 26 May 2014

Makeup Revolution The One Concealer

Continuing my love affair with Makeup Revolution, I figured today I would share my new favourite under eye concealer with you guys. I've been wanting to try a hydrating concealer for some time now, so when I spotted this beauty on the Makeup Revolution's website I had to give it a try! Makeup Revolution's the one concealer in  the shade light is one of the lightest concealers I've discovered on the high street which makes it great for brightening my under eye area, and prefect for the pale among us! Although with that in mind there is a medium and dark shade available too!
The balmy outer ring leaves the skin under my eyes feeling nourished throughout the day. Makeup Revolution's the one concealer also manages to last all day without any cracking. The packaging is pretty sturdy and looks like it could survive my handbag, although if there's one fault with this it would be that the gold writing fades awfully quickly, in fact there isn't a trace of it left on my current tube.
I love this little bargain find! You can get yours for just £3 here.


  1. I've seen 'Makeup Revolution' on the Superdrug website but was a little skeptical about them. Are they the same as MUA or better?
    Thanks in advance :)

    Dalal xo,

    1. They're definitely just as good, and I would say the range of products they have to offer differs :) x