Saturday, 17 May 2014

Current favourite lip product..

If there is one lip product I've been loving lately it's this liquid lipstick from Loreal. I picked up Molto Mauve on a whim last month and have been sporting it ever since! The product itself comes in this rather expensive looking  packaging complete with labels on the side and bottom to demonstrate the shade inside which I think is a lovely idea especially for someone with as many lip products as I have! 
Application with this beauty is made really easy with a lip gloss like applicator, unlike some other pigmented lip products this liquid lipstick doesn't cling to dry areas or take a million coats to look even. Instead users are left with a perfect shade in one swipe. Molto Mauve is pretty much a slightly darker 'my lips but better shade', I adore the look of it on my lips and despite being really natural looking you can definitely tell you have something on because of the beautiful glossy finish it delivers. Despite this finish this product isn't sticky on the lips at all, in fact it feels very nourishing and i love the feel of it on.
Overall I love this product, while i personally wouldn't label it as a 'liquid lipstick' It acts brilliantly as a pigmented lipgloss, meaning you would have to top it up throughout the day. Its not the cheapest product on the block at £8.99 but in my opinion its just worth it for the look and feel of the product itself (Plus theres always some sort of offer on the highstreet!)