Monday, 19 May 2014

Contour Wars!

Last year I really got into contouring, so figured today I would show you guys my three favourite products. For reference I have pretty pale skin, so hopefully this post will be of some use to those who struggle with bronzers!
Sleek's Face Form palette is probably one of the most talked about contouring products on the high street. The Palette comes in four shades; fair, light, medium and dark. I own the fair palette which comes complete with a contour shade, rose gold blusher and a highlight. The shades themselves are very pigmented so a light hand is recommended here!
The Good: Not only is this compact palette perfect for beginners, offering users a matching blush and highlight shade, It is also amazing for travelling containing everything you need for a well contoured face in one palette along with a very handy mirror. The packaging also feels really sturdy for the price point. This is also pretty cheap, coming in at around £3.33 for each shade. 
The Bad: If your simply looking for a contour shade this palette probably isn't ideal as it contains two other products, meaning you get less product than you would if you simply brought a bronzer. It's quite pigmented meaning it can be harder to work with, and at times a little orangery if applied too heavily.
The Bottom Line: This is a really lovely product, but as mentioned it does have its issues..provided you use a light hand and don't mind a little blending this is a steal at under a tenner!
Best for: Anyone looking for a combination of products at a low price point. 
There's no denying Soap & Glory caused quite a stir when they released their make up line back in 2011. It took me a while to try the products, although I haven't looked back since trying this bronzer last year. Complete with two sides, S&G Solar Powder allows users to create three different shades - although personally I just always blend them both together. 
The Good: This bronzer is easily to blend and looks great on pale skin, if that's not enough owners have the option of three shades for the price of one powder! (on the above picture bottom-top: the right side, left side and both together) There is also a good amount of product (I've been using mine since last summer and there's not much of a dent). Its also worth noting that this has a mirror which is always handy! It's also the only one I've fully reviewed here.
The Bad: At £11, this is pricier than my other favourites (Although look out for deals at Boots!). This also comes in cardboard packaging which isn't ideal, although mine is holding up pretty well!
The Bottom Line: Despite the minor issues, I'd recommend that anyone with pale skin gave this bronzer a go. I honestly think its worth the money and its lasted so well!
Best for: Any pale girls looking to spend a little bit more for a good quality bronzer which will last ages!
Dainty Doll Cream Blush in '003' (Price varies)
The blogging world went mad when Dainty Doll started to pop up on popular discount sites, being pale myself I ended up with quite a few products including this cream blush! I discovered this was lovely for a light contouring and have loved it ever since!
The Good: As this is cream formula it blends effortlessly into the skin and is really natural looking, Perfect for the really pale among us. This also comes in sturdy packaging complete with a mirror.
The Bad: Because Dainty Doll is slowly disappearing this can be hard to get hold of, although above I have linked an Ebay listing were its under £5 with P&P! I'm also shocked at how quickly the writing on the front of this faded, considering the high RRP.
The Bottom Line: This is just a perfect shade for anyone who is finding other contour shades way too dark for them, the formula is also pretty much faultless - Its just a shame these wont be around forever!
Best for: Any pale girls perhaps a little too scared to try a pigmented bronzer, this is a wonderful stepping stone!
Finally here are all of my favourites swacthed so you can get an idea of what they look like beside each other! (Bottom -Top : Sleek Face Form, Soap & Glory Solar Powder and Dainty Doll Cream Blush) 
What is your favourite contour shade?


  1. The Sleek Face Form palette looks great, I really like the Soap and Glory bronzer it is really great for pale skin tones x

    1. The Soap and Glory one is my favourite by far :) xx

  2. Absolutely lovely post! And Yes I think that sleek may be more for medium/olive to darker skin tones. And the soap & glory looks lovely!
    LFA Xx

    1. Thank you lovely. And I wish they did an even lighter sleek one to be honest! x