Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Benefit The Bronze of Champions

I love a good baragin buy, although If there's one brand I don't mind spending a little bit more on it's benefit! In particular I'm a huge fan of their little make up kits, so when I saw their 'All star kits' last year, I knew I needed Bronze of Champions in my life.
The kit includes rather generous minis of; Watts Up Highlighter, Hoola Bronzer, Thanks a Latte Powder Eyeshadow, Bikini-Tini Cream Eyeshadow, They're Real Mascara and a Hoola Lipgloss. For £26.50, you get six products to try, working out at about £4.40 each.
The thing I love most about this little set is that minus a few basics, you've got enough to make over your whole face. The kit iself is smaller than a book making it ideal to just throw in your suitcase before a hoilday. Alternatively four of the products can be taken out of the kit and placed in your make up bag, and the two powders could be easily deported. Personally, I rarely finish make up products so sets like these are great for me as I get to try six new products for the price of one.
Having put all of these products to the test I'm happy to announce there isn't one rubbish product in the box! So figured I'd give you a guys a summary on each product the set has to offer:
Watts Up Highlighter (£24.50/fullsize) - I love using this highlighter to add a subtle glow to the tops of my cheek bones, although I've found against my pale skin the trick is to really blend! What I love about this most is that unlike other highlighters I've tried this stuff is still around hours later!
Hoola Bronzer (£23.50/fullsize) - This matt bronzer is lovely for contouring, I also love that the brush included with this feels pretty soft! I tend to use this to apply the bronzer as my bigger brushes cause an awful mess, although I imagine this wouldn't be an issue with the full sized product.
Thanks a Latte Powder Eyeshadow (£15.50/full size) and Bikini-Tini Cream Eyeshadow (£15.50/fullsize) - I love using this combination to create a really simple yet glam eye look. I simply apply Bikini-Tini all over the lid then add Thanks a Latte to the crease. It lasts all day too, even without a primer!
They're Real Mascara (£19.50/fullsize) - This is my all time favourite mascara so I'm happy to have a back up. They're real just leaves the lashes looking great and lasts until you take it off.
 Hoola Lipgloss (£14.50) - This nude lipgloss has such a lovely formula, not only does it feel lovely on the lips - Its not sticky!
Overall I think this little kit is a great product, and look forward to trying more in the range! What do you think of The bronze of Champions?


  1. I bought this set last year, and am sad to admit that all of it, bar Watts Up!, is being neglected x

    1. That's a shame, Maybe you could try throwing some of the products in your make up bag! :) xx