Friday, 25 April 2014

April Favourites!

I've not posted a favourites for a long time now, as it has been a while since I loved enough products to amount to one. Although this month I spent two weeks at home for Easter, and somehow forgot way too many of my everyday products meaning I had to replace them (and try out some new ones in the process). So without further waffling here is everything I've been loving this month!

Lacura Pro Revive Hand Cream (125ml/£0.75) - The skin on my hands has been playing up lately and I completely forgot to pack a handcream. I didnt want to pay out for a new one as I have so many opened ones in my flat so pretty much made a grab for the cheapest one I could find. This turned out to be a brilliant choice as this is probably the best one in my collection. This is lovely thick texture, which pretty much instantly absorbs into your hands meaning you're not left waiting ages for it to dry. It also leaves them feeling so much softer, which isn't surprising given that the front of the tube claims that this bundle of joy includes beeswax and vitamin E!

Superfacialist Calming Creamy Cleanser (150ml/£7.99) - I also forgot my face wash so picked this up after reading its list of impressive claims. To be honest I'm not normally a fan of products which feature rose, although I haven't found it to be an issue with this. I found that this cleanser has a lovely thick formula which does a wonderful job at cleansing my face and has left it feeling so much softer after just a couple of weeks use!
Rimmel Wake me up foundation (30ml/£8.99) - I've actually given this product a negative view in the past because of its rubbish shade range. Although recently Rimmel have released 'light porcelain' which is pretty much a perfect match for my skintone and I have been enjoying this every day since. Its really easy to work with and I like the way it looks on my skin which makes it worth every penny in my opinion.

Collection Work the Colour Palette (£3.99) - I've reviewed this favourite recently here and I'm still using the second row of shades pretty much everyday so figured it had deserved its place here. A truly great product for the price.

Make up Revolution #happylips in Love a Hug (£3.00) - I've always wanted to try a lipstick surrounded by a balm, although the Clarins ones are extremely pricey! So when this launched I couldn't wait to try it! I wasn't at all disappointed, this feels amazing on the lips and I really love the colour. Expect a review post soon!

Becca compact concealer (£30.00) - You can get these a lot cheaper if you shop around, for example mine was under £4 from Fragrance Direct. I just love the coverage this offers me and the fact that its the perfect shade for my skintone!


  1. Great favourites, I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and that eyeshadow palette looks really good x

    1. One of my favourite make up at the moment - well worth the £4 price tag :) xx