Friday, 7 March 2014

Empties #1

 I did do these posts monthly, although due to being all over the place during December and January, I stopped collecting and posting empties regularly. Although they really began to pile up as soon as I got back to uni, taking over every spare inch of my room, so i figured I'd get this done today so I could finally have my room back!
Over the past few months I have used up various hair care products, it seems silly to go through all of them as i just tend to pick up whats on offer so I figured I'd talk you through my favourites. As regular readers my know I'm in love with the whole Dove haircare line, and finished up a Dove nourishing spray oil which I loved although I forgot to photograph it in the above picture! I'm also a huge fan of Vo5 so would really recommend that along with Dove if you're looking for a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Another product I was quite a fan of was these 500ml bottles of Tresemme conditioner which were around £3 in Home bargains as they lasted me a while so were great value for money.  With the expectation of the Pantene product i pretty much got on with every product in the picture and would buy them all again! 
I have two empty shower gels from Radox which i don't have much to say about although both smelt lovely and were around a pound. I also have three used up dry shampoos, i'm a big fan of Batiste although I'm currently trailing the Dove one everyone seems to be raving about.
I managed to use up a 500ml of Bioderma and already have another on the go - I think this product is incredible and one I will continue to repurchase. I also finished this melting cleansing gel from Nspa which i got in a beauty box. I really enjoyed using this one and would buy it again if I visited an Asda. Next up was the Drink up mask from Origins which was my go to morning after treat - although the high price tag means I'll be looking for a cheaper alternative! I've finally finished my bottle of Healthy Mix foundation, and considering buying another bottle as it is rare I use a whole product up! I really loved this, It looked natural on the skin yet provided good coverage. Staying on the make up theme I've managed to use up another clear mascara from MUA as clearly the one in the picture has seen better days. I love using these as a cheap alternative to eyebrow gel and find they work so well. I've also manage to use up every scrap of my Origins Night a mins cream which I loved!
Sadly I've used up my favourite body shop body butter which smells amazing along with a foot cream from Soap & Glory. Last but not least is a 30ml bottle of my favourite perfume, Lovestruck (luckily I got a 100ml bottle for Christmas!)

So there you have it, the products I've used up over the past few months. What have you been using up?

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