Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Make up favourites 2013

I realise this post has come over a month late, although since moving back to university I've barely had anytime to myself meaning things blogging wise have been on hold. Despite that this post is still something I really wanted to do as make up has played a big part in my 2013 and is therefore the category I have the most to talk about. 

Dainty Doll Foundation (£22.00)- As a pale girl I often struggle to find the right foundation for my skin tone, so when Dainty Doll products went on sale earlier this year I was sure to try out a few products. My favourite of which being this foundation. This is my second bottle of the stuff which I use rather sparingly now as its becoming increasingly hard to track down. Although I felt this still needed a mention as it was probably my most loved foundation of 2013, not only is the shade a great match on my skintone, it gives such a lovely finish meaning I'm rather gutted that this is no longer a product you can easily find in Boots.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation (£9.99/30ml) - I've used this foundation pretty much every day since may, and it's only just beginning to run out. Not only does it leave my face looking fresh, the foundation manages to cover imperfections at the same time without that cakey finish. Making it perfect for everyday use!

MUA Undress your skin Foundation (£5.00/35ml) - Because this is the first foundation I have tried from MUA I honestly didn't know what to expect from it, but it completely blew me away. Not only does this offer me amazing coverage it doesn't strip the skin of that glowy look. Meaning it leaves my skin looking clear as well as healthy!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) - I wont talk about this one too much as it is one of the hyped products available, but I love the coverage it offers me and the way it looks on my skin.
Topshop cream blush in 'Head over heels' (£6.00) - I'm a huge fan of Topshop make up although this happens to be one of my favourite products! I'm so shocked that I've never gotten around to reviewing this fully on my blog as this pretty coral blush is actually the first blush I've ever hit pan on! Combined with my trusty stipple brush it just leaves a lovely subtle glow on my cheeks which I love so much i use it pretty much everyday!

Dainty Doll Blush in 'you are my sunshine' (£3.99) - At one stage last year, this was the only blusher I would go near. Not only does the shade compliment my pale skin really well, it helps achieve that glowy look.
Soap & Glory Solar Powder (£11.00) - Since picking this product up a good while ago, I haven't touched another bronzer. This is just my perfect contour shade and I love the way It looks on my skin!

MUA Undress your skin shimmering highlighter (£3.00) - I'm a big highlighter girl, although looking back I would say this one has been my favourite this year! Not only is it cheap as chips at just £3.00 it gives a lovely subtle glow to the skin and you get loads of product for your money!
MUA Clear mascara (£1.00) - Please ignore the state of this one! I have misplaced my newer one so had to picture one I had sitting in a pile for an empites post. While this may be a bit of a boring favourite, it is something I use everyday I figured it was only right to include it. I use this as a brow gel and at a single pound it does a fantastic job at keeping my brows in place!

Maybelline the rocket mascara (£7.99) - I haven't always had the best experiences with Maybelline mascaras although this happens to be a huge exception! I just love the way it leaves my lashes! Plus it says in place all day!

Benefit They're Real mascara (£19.50) - Despite the stupidly high price tag I really enjoy using this product and love the way it leaves my lashes looking! Luckily for me I have a few minis stashed away and ready to use!
Revlon kissable balm stain in 'Honey' (£7.99) - As you can tell from the blunt tip, I really like this product, and think 'honey' is such a lovely shade. Worth every penny!

Benefit Lady's Choice ($18.00) - For some reason whenever I google this the American version of the Benefit site pops up. I'm not too sure if Benefit still sell this, but is one of my all time favourite lipsticks, not only is it a lovely wearable shade, it feels incredible on the lips!

Maybelline Babylips (£2.99) - I'm not ashamed to say I own every single product in the babylips line! Including all six babylips lip balms which I love. Pictured is one of my favourites 'Cherry me'. With gives a lovely hint of colour to the lips. (it also smells amazing!)
Rimmel Matte Kate Lipstick (£5.49) - This was featured in my 'beauty stars of 2012' post  and still remains one of my favourite products today! '101' is just the perfect shade for me and I really enjoy wearing it!

Topshop Lips in 'innocent' (£8.00) - I'd wanted a Topshop lipstick for ages, so when I finally got innocent it didn't disappoint! I just love the way this looks on the lips and cant wait to pick up another!

So there you have it, all of the make up I loved using in 2013! (better late than never). What products did you enjoy using last year?

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  1. Hey hey! I'm surprised you didn't mention anything from Sleek!

    I just purchased 2 of their blushes and I am in love :D:D:D

    Hope you're well!!