Thursday, 13 February 2014

Blogs I love #1

I follow hundreds of blogs every year, so today I really wanted to write a post dedicated to my favourite ones, as I feel like these types of posts have become increasingly rare.  I soon learnt I have a list of bloggers I truly admire longer than my arm (and possibly all limbs combined!) which would have lead to a rather lengthy post, so have decided to split my favourite bloggers up into a weekly series, featuring three different blogs I like to visit every week.

Cityscape Bliss - There's something about the way my first blogger writes which is so relatable and I often feel myself smiling whenever I read one of her posts. Like myself Tereza loves a bargain and her beauty page is full of them along with a whole host of creative posts such as this incredible DIY sofa one! She just has such a lovely blog, with a great mix of fashion. beauty and lifestyle which I really enjoy reading.

Makeup Savvy - When I think of my favourite bloggers one of the first people that springs to mind is Fee from the Makeup Savvy. Not only is she amazingly talented at spotting a good bargain (and making me spend all of my money), her blogger tips help make life that little bit easier and are well worth a read regardless of how long you've been blogging for. I just love everything about Fee's blog right down to the simple lay out and lovely pictures to go along side each post.

The Private Life of a Girl - Last, but by no means least there's something about Sophie's use of photography which just draws me in. It's so simple yet every picture looks amazing at the same time! I also love the layout of the private life of a girl and adore the way products are captioned (ie. the list in keeping it simple). Well worth a look if your a beauty blog fan!

Who are your favourite bloggers?

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