Saturday, 11 January 2014

Body Favourites 2013

For my second instalment of my 2013 favourites I'm going to be writing about some of my favourite body products from last year. While 'body' is quite a broad topic, I found its one that I have found few standout products from, as I tend to stick to the products I know and love.

Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant rich feeling lotion (£4.99/400ml) - While I'm normally a body butter kind of girl, I picked this up on a Superdrug run and have had one in my collection ever since. While this feels light on the skin, I still find it gives me the same amount of nourishment as a body butter and smells lovely too. Whats even better is its often half price making it even more of a steal! 

&Other Stories Scrubs (£7.00/250ml) - I have tried and loved this scrub in both Punk Bouquet and Shinjuku Bloom, and would recommend them to anyone. Like everything in &Other Stories they smell amazing and I have actually repurchased both a couple of times. They just leave my skin feeling amazing and are really unique in the way that they create a foam allowing a little to go a long way!

Vera Wang Lovestruckk (£34.50/30ml) - I love this perfume and have just been gifted my second bottle for Christmas, its just a lovely sweet smelling scent which I really love wearing. I have no doubt I'll be buying a third bottle this year! 

The Body Shop Body Butters (£13.00/200ml) - I love these body butters although think the price of them is a joke, luckily The Body Shop seems to have a constant stream of offers meaning I'm yet to spend £13 on a single butter. Pictured is one of my favourites from the range - coconut, although I'm a big fan of the Almond one too. They just do a wonderful job at moisturising the skin and leave it feeling amazing too.

What body products did you love in 2013?


  1. Kiehls creme de corps is amazing :) and I also love the body shop butters! saida xx

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