Sunday, 22 December 2013

My Top Five Winter Nail Polishes..

Since coming home for Christmas I've been feeling rather festive, so I figured today I would show you guys my five favourite nail polishes for this time of year. I actually did a similar post to this last year which you can see here although my taste in nail polish seems to have changed greatly over the past 12 months!
Berry Cosmo by Barry M (£2.99/10ml) - I'm a big fan of Barry M polishes and was looking for some more wintery shades at the Barry M stand when I found this, My pictures in this dull winter weather do the pretty polish no justice so be sure to click here to see some other pictures of Berry Cosmo in action, because its a lovely shade!

Crush by Barry M (£3.99/10ml) - Yet another favourite from Barry M, although this matte nail paint happens to be one of my all time favourite polishes! There's just something about Crush which makes it such a wearable shade on all skin tones. Its such a beautiful winter shade, complete with a formula made to last!
Damson Dream by No7 (£6.00/10ml) - I got this Damson Dream mini in a gift set recently, although I'm pretty sure I'm in love! Damson Dream is just a perfect winter shade, It reminds me a lot of Barry M's Crush, only with shimmer thrown in for good measure! It looks stunning on the nails and last for a decent amount of time too. 

Star Spangled by Orly (£8.75/18ml) - I do love a good red glitter at this time of year, although the this happens to be subtler than the others in my collection. I adore the look of this on my nails and think the formula is great!

Maybelline's knitted gold (£3.99/7ml) over Collection 2000's Stormy Grey (£3.19/12ml) - Technically my last nail polish favourite is a combo, although Maybelline's knitted gold is the star of this show! Complete with pink and gold coloured glitter pieces this pretty polish is stunning on the nails and takes a whole new spin on the classic gold glitter!
So there you have it, my favourite nail polishes for this time of year - What are your winter favourites?

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