Saturday, 16 November 2013

The hangover kit essentials..

Since moving to uni I've had my fair share of student nights, which of course were all in the name of good research since I feel like I've now perfected my morning after routine. Unfortunately for me, student nights seem to fall before all of my early lectures, making looking human just that bit harder and leaving me with the grand total of about ten minutes to get ready after I've missed the first five alarms.
The first thing I tend to reach for is my Origins Drink Up mask, and leave to do its magic while I run around my room looking for my lecture notebooks (You would have thought that after two months of uni, I would have mastered packing my bag the night before). I then make a grab of my Simple revitalising eye roll in in the hope that it makes me look more awake after a grand total of four hours sleep.
For me dry shampoo is a must, there's no way I'm getting out of bed early to wash and dry my hair! One I've washed away the face mask I then apply a BB cream to mask any sins, I'm lucky enough not to suffer from dark circles although I'd recommend a illuminating concealer if this is something which bothers you. Finally, to make myself look more awake I curl my eyelashes to make , I then go in with a coat of mascara if I have the time.

So there you have it, my morning after the night before routine! Believe it or not I'm actually taking Uni really seriously and have even started work experience along side my course, which of course means my time is really stretched - If you ever need to contact me or want to tell me what kind of post you wish to see next I recommend messaging me on twitter (@Summers_beauty) since that gets checked pretty much daily! What's your morning after routine? 

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