Friday, 25 October 2013

What's by my sink?

When I first moved into halls I was pretty excited at the idea of having my very own sink in my room, mainly because at home I'd find myself making a mad dash to the bathroom (and lugging a load of products along) every time I wanted to wash my face. Above my new sink sits a huge mirror complete with a handy light so it pretty much doubles as my dressing table. 
On the left side of my sink I use this wooden basket to store all of my most reached for skincare goodies, These include a things such as my cleansers and moisturisers - although if you're interested in my skincare routine I recently posted a Nighttime skincare one here. Beside that I have a few hair care bits ready for when I need them, then in front I have my favourite perfumes as the sink tends to be the last place I visit before I leave the flat. Lastly I have one of these famous Ikea plant pots to house all of my brushes which are in need of a good clean!
In the middle of  my sink sits a hand soap and lotion from one of my favouite stores in London, &other stories! I don't use these as much as I'd like to because we have a sink in our bathroom which already contains soap although they're a welcome addition to my room and leave my hands smelling lovely!
The final corner of my sink contains mainly boring essentials in the form of my toothpaste, brush and mouthwash along with some muslin cloths I find myself reaching for daily. Finally I have my Bioderma along with some cotton pads which make removing make up so much easier.

So there you have it, everything I currently keep by my sink! Incase there's any confusion as to why I randomly have a sink in my room, I currently share a flat with five other girls, and while we share a shower room and toilet room each bedroom (despite not being en suite) comes with its own sink for some odd reason. What's by your sink?


  1. I had just a sink in my student room too and then had to share the rather manky shower and toilets! The corridor was mostly boys too so they got extra disgusting! I remember really loving the no 7 hot cloth cleanser at uni.

    1. For some reason I got put on an all girls floor meaning they could be worse (plus we get a cleaner once a week!) xx