Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Empites!

V05 Give Me Moisture shampoo and Nourish My Shine Conditioner (£3.99/500ml) - I love these two products which leave my hair feeling both clean and nourished! Personally I think in general the V05 line is of a great standard especially considering the reasonable price point!

V05 nourishing hot oil treatment (£4.29/60ml) - I brought this pack of four 15ml hot oils around a month ago, and completely forgot about them to I found this used one in my empties pile! I really liked this product and will be using another treatment the next time I wash my hair!

Bastiste light & blonde dry shampoo (£3.99/200ml) - This makes an appearance in pretty much all of my empties posts which pretty much proves just how much I love it! Its just a great product for lazy days and I'd recommend the coloured dry shampoos to everybody!

Foamburst body wash gel with cherry blossom & rice milk (£2.99/200ml) I love the Rituals shower foams, although something about paying £8.50 for a shower gel doesn't sit right with me. So when I spotted these the other day I was sure to pick one up. I love the scent and something about using a foam makes the whole thing so much more luxurious!

Passion Fruit Body Butter (£13.00/200ml) - Like all Body Shop body butters this was a real treat to use, Not only did it smell amazing it left my skin feeling automatically nourished! 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (£10.00/250ml) - This is one of the most hyped beauty products around and as much as I've looked for cheaper alternatives this is the best and the bottle has lasted me months!

MUA Mascara (£1.00/7ml) - I use this as a cheap eyebrow gel, It does the job and I go back to it everytime! 

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  1. Nice empties! I've used Batiste for years and am a huge fan, but I have strangely enough never tried the coloured ones, so I think I'll need to go and get one for blonde hair :o). Xx