Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Empites!

V05 Give Me Moisture shampoo and Nourish My Shine Conditioner (£3.99/500ml) - I love these two products which leave my hair feeling both clean and nourished! Personally I think in general the V05 line is of a great standard especially considering the reasonable price point!

V05 nourishing hot oil treatment (£4.29/60ml) - I brought this pack of four 15ml hot oils around a month ago, and completely forgot about them to I found this used one in my empties pile! I really liked this product and will be using another treatment the next time I wash my hair!

Bastiste light & blonde dry shampoo (£3.99/200ml) - This makes an appearance in pretty much all of my empties posts which pretty much proves just how much I love it! Its just a great product for lazy days and I'd recommend the coloured dry shampoos to everybody!

Foamburst body wash gel with cherry blossom & rice milk (£2.99/200ml) I love the Rituals shower foams, although something about paying £8.50 for a shower gel doesn't sit right with me. So when I spotted these the other day I was sure to pick one up. I love the scent and something about using a foam makes the whole thing so much more luxurious!

Passion Fruit Body Butter (£13.00/200ml) - Like all Body Shop body butters this was a real treat to use, Not only did it smell amazing it left my skin feeling automatically nourished! 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (£10.00/250ml) - This is one of the most hyped beauty products around and as much as I've looked for cheaper alternatives this is the best and the bottle has lasted me months!

MUA Mascara (£1.00/7ml) - I use this as a cheap eyebrow gel, It does the job and I go back to it everytime! 

Friday, 25 October 2013

What's by my sink?

When I first moved into halls I was pretty excited at the idea of having my very own sink in my room, mainly because at home I'd find myself making a mad dash to the bathroom (and lugging a load of products along) every time I wanted to wash my face. Above my new sink sits a huge mirror complete with a handy light so it pretty much doubles as my dressing table. 
On the left side of my sink I use this wooden basket to store all of my most reached for skincare goodies, These include a things such as my cleansers and moisturisers - although if you're interested in my skincare routine I recently posted a Nighttime skincare one here. Beside that I have a few hair care bits ready for when I need them, then in front I have my favourite perfumes as the sink tends to be the last place I visit before I leave the flat. Lastly I have one of these famous Ikea plant pots to house all of my brushes which are in need of a good clean!
In the middle of  my sink sits a hand soap and lotion from one of my favouite stores in London, &other stories! I don't use these as much as I'd like to because we have a sink in our bathroom which already contains soap although they're a welcome addition to my room and leave my hands smelling lovely!
The final corner of my sink contains mainly boring essentials in the form of my toothpaste, brush and mouthwash along with some muslin cloths I find myself reaching for daily. Finally I have my Bioderma along with some cotton pads which make removing make up so much easier.

So there you have it, everything I currently keep by my sink! Incase there's any confusion as to why I randomly have a sink in my room, I currently share a flat with five other girls, and while we share a shower room and toilet room each bedroom (despite not being en suite) comes with its own sink for some odd reason. What's by your sink?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Student life..

Tonight's post is very different in the sense that I want to talk at you guys on a more personal level for a change. If you've been reading this blog for a while you may know that I moved 150 miles away from home and started university around five weeks ago, which all still seems mad to me as I have already gained what seems like a lifetime of memories. In all honesty I didnt expect to love this place so much, although at the same time I'm gutted that my time is so stretched and I really miss everything about blogging including you guys. So instead of rushing out crappy rushed content I figured I'd ask you guys what you wanted to see next on the blog and put my efforts into producing that. I have a load of posts that I would love to do, so Its up to you what you want to see next. You have the choice of my make up collection (Brushes, face, eyes or lips), What's by my sink (i'm still a tiny bit excited about having my own one!), My top five autumn nail, lipstick or eyeshadow picks and even a review on the famous Lidl BB cream.Just pop a comment to let me know which you would like to see first and I'll try and get a post up this week!

In other news I've been busy learning to bake (as you may be able to tell from the above image), Here's my first ever birthday cake which I made for a flatmate today! No ones come down with food poisoning yet so I'm calling it a success! 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Stormy Grey Lasting Gel Colour

Since Autumn officially hit I've found myself swapping my usual bright nails for much more sophisticated shades. One of my latest additions is this Collection lasting gel colour in the shade stormy grey which seems very appropriate for the weather we've been having lately.  I've never tried any polishes from Collection so didnt know what to expect, although the formula applied smoothly and dried quickly. I was also a big fan of the brush which made it easy to cover the whole nail in a few strokes!
I love how stormy grey looks against my skin tone and it goes a good couple of days before small chips appear! You can pick this up for just £3.19/12ml here.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Free Ren in Instyle

With this months copy of Instyle readers are given not one but three Ren skincare samples worth an apparent £12 in total. Whats more is in selected stores the magazine is priced at £2 rather than its normal retail price of £3.90 - Personally I picked my copy up at Tesco. The samples include a 10ml global protection day cream which i love, a 3ml active eye gel and a 10ml gentle cleansing milk.

Will you be making the most of this offer?

Friday, 4 October 2013

September Favourites!

September has probably been one of the most eventful months of my life, Not only did I finally get the chance to attend a couple of events before I left London, I moved to the midlands or as I like to call it 'up north' and have honestly had such an amazing three weeks. I'm actually really sad that my freshers fortnight has finished, as much as going out every night and getting up for uni every morning was killing me it was worth every moment (and I have the flu to prove it!) This month I've pretty much been using the same old products although there have been a few new additions with I'm loving!

Enrapture heated rollers (£39.98) - I've been out quite a lot recently and was just a little bored of having my hair straight so whipped these out. I get so many compliments on my hair when I use these, If you click here there's a picture on my twitter which shows how these leave my hair. Personally I love the effects and think these are so easy to use! As much as I hate to admit it, I've done my hair with these after a few drinks and somehow still managed to style it! A great investment, I think I'd happily spend double the price!

Osiris Avise BB Cream (£0.99/40ml) - It seems like everyone had been going mad for this BB Cream and I can see why. Its a great light base which I really like, whats more its only 99p in Bodycare too!

Foamburst body wash gel with Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk (£2.55/200ml) - I love the Rituals shower foams, although something about paying £8.50 for a shower gel doesn't sit right with me. So when I spotted these the other day I was sure to pick one up. I love the scent and something about using a foam makes the whole thing so much more luxurious!
Topshop head over heels blush (£6.00/4g) - This blush is so well loved by me as you can tell by the state of it! I apply this with my stippling brush and love the finish it gives me - perfect for that everyday look and the packaging is too cute!

Bourjois Java rice power (£9.99/3.5g) - This powder has had a lot of hype surrounding it lately and I can see why, rather than completely mattifying the skin like most powders, this leaves a beautiful glowing finish without making you look like a disco ball.

What products have you been loving this month?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Empties!

Normally I aim to get these posts up at the end of every month, although as a few of you may know (mainly because I go on about it all of the time) I've just started university and its just been one of those months where 'real life takes over' - I honestly hate using that term because blogging is a big part of my life however it just so happens it's taken a back seat as I adjust to adult life.

Soap & Glory the daily smooth (£9.00/250ml) - I'm a big fan of Soap and Glory products and love this scent, although I just feel like this is a little too much for me on a daily basis but I would use it now and again if I felt like a change.

Palmers Cocoa Butter (£5.89/400ml) - I love this product and feel like the pump just makes using it a but easier although I still think theres a huge flaw in design - for some reason I can never get the pump to work until I've finished half of the bottle which is a massive inconvenience when you've paid out extra for it!

Clearskin Professional Clear pore thermal mask (75ml) - I'm not too sure how much this was since I can no longer find it online, although I know it wasn't too expensive and probably a part of some kind of offer. I really like the clearskin range and feel like they're a great one for those with problem skin.

Boots essentials 3 minute mask (£1.50/50ml) - For £1.50 I thought this product was outstanding, Not only did it leave my skin feeling great you got so much product for your money too! A great bargain buy and one I'm likely to pick up again when I finish all of my face masks!

BlanX White Shock toothpaste* (£7.49/50ml) - I really liked this toothpaste, just not enough to spend £7.49 on it! It left my teeth feeling clean although the sample didnt last long enough for me to notice any real difference.

2true clear mascara (£1.99) - I normally use an MUA mascara for my brows although I picked this up when it was out of stock. I loved that the brush is a lot smaller so it gives me more control although I see myself going back to my MUA as its half the price and does the job just as well.

MUA Clear mascara (£1.00) - This is pretty much always in my make up bag, its just cheap and does the job well!

Benefit They're real mascara (£19.50/8.5g) - I go on a lot about my love for this stuff but I honestly think its amazing. I'm not a huge fan of the price although luckily I still have two minis to finish!

Busy but beautiful Shower cream - I got this in a set and managed to use it up while away for the week. I would say it performed fairly averagely, I cant remember much about it so I cant say I have any strong feelings towards it.

Bumble and Bumble gentle shampoo and super rich conditioner samples*-  I remember enjoying these although I cant see myself paying out so much for shampoo and conditioner as I find myself going through it so quickly.

Balance Me balancing face moisturiser (£24.00/50ml) - I really enjoyed this sample and feel like it lasted me ages. Although its slightly more than I would normally spend I would consider using this again as it is a lovely product!