Monday, 9 September 2013

Stocking up on London essentials

I currently live just outside of London, meaning if I need too I can just pop on the train and be in the centre within half an hour. Unfortunately this year I wont have this luxury as I'm moving a whole three hours away, although I did manage to stock up on my favourite items while I was in London for a few events last week. 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (£14.50/500ml) - Like many other bloggers I am a huge fan of Bioderma! I normally don't buy into hype and find a lot of the time you can find similar products for cheaper, but nothing seems to match up to this. It just feels like water - you could basically have your eye open and it still wouldn't sting! I've made both blogger and non blogger friends try it and it got a thumbs up from everyone. Amazingly I still have around one fourth of my 250ml bottle left which I brought in may so I know this will last me ages despite me reaching for it every night.

& other stories Shinjuki Bloom Hand soap/lotion (£4.00-£5.00/250ml) - Although only the Lotion is pictured I picked up this duo after using it in store and being blown away.  I'm aware that hand soap isn't the most interesting thing in the world although for the first time I will have my very own sink and plan to make it a place of luxury - until my student loan goes and I resort to tesco value.. 

& Other stories Punk Bouquet Body Scrub (£7.00/250ml) - Since trying my first one of these in may I have been in love! I picked up my two favourite scents Punk Bouquet as pictured above and Shinjuku bloom. They just do the job so so well and smell amazing!

Vaseline Paint the town (£3.49/20g) - I was walking past Selfridges the day this launched and had to walk in, I'm not the biggest fan of vaseline but this smells lovely which meant I had to have it!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your review on the Vaseline Paint the Town !

    Top 10 Under £10/$10/€10

    1. Hopefully I'll get one up soon :) xx