Sunday, 18 August 2013

On the road again..

I'm currently staying in a family friends beach house for the week, although being me I'm super unprepared and forgot to plan any blog posts (or pack my case until an hour before leaving for that matter) I figured I'd show you guys the things I had with me for the car journey, although I probably wont be doing any more travel themed posts purely because I did them while I was away in June. I will be joined with fellow blogger LFA tomorrow so I can see myself blogging at some point. Firstly I have a magazine, Company is the only one I will actually read, I think this mainly because its one of the few magazines to actually embrace new forms of media and it doesn't bore me with about 300 adverts before I get to the articles. I have my sun protection and aftersun in the hope that the weather will be better than it is at home along with my standard nail file, hand cream and sanitiser. Make up wise I simply have an & other stories lip gloss and a babylips in the shade cherry me. As always I have my purse and passport since I'm one of those people who gets ID'ed for everything, along with a packet of chewing gum and some yogurt coated raisins as a snack. So there you have it everything I have to last the journey along with my phone which was used to snap this picture.

What are your travel must haves?


  1. I love yoghurt coated raisins! I like to take my sunglasses and earphones whilst I'm travelling so I can just relax and listen to some music xx