Sunday, 11 August 2013

Maybelline Baby lips!

I've always been a fan of tinted lip balms, so much so that regardless of how many lip products I own they always seem to be my most worn. As you can imagine I was pretty happy when I heard Maybelline were finally bringing the Baby lips range to the UK and somehow managed to pop all six to my basket which to be honest I don't think I've ever done regardless of how excited I am to try a product, normally I like to try one or two products to see if I like them before purchasing more but I just figured they were only £2.99 each so I wouldn't be missing out on too much if I ended up hating them. Below I have a paragraph on what I feel about each one along with swatches of the tinted versions to give you an idea on how they perform individually.
Hydrate- Packaged in blue casing and complete with pink writing this baby lips leaves my lips instantly hydrated as the name 'hydrate' would suggest. The clear balm has a lovely smell to it which I cant quite put my finger on and leaves the lips feeling super moisturised without any stickiness. I cant say how this would battle with dry/cracked lips in need of a little more care as mine are fine at the moment but if you love that 'just moisturied' feeling or want to insure your lips stay in good condition than this could be the Babylips for you.
Mint Fresh- As you would expect from the name this green packaged balm is complete with a gorgeous mint scent. As this is another clear one I wasn't expecting to love it, but its quickly become one of my favourites, purely because of the feel when you apply it. It just leaves the lips feeling really fresh and is a balm I can see myself going through pretty quickly as I cant stop reapplying! 
(L-R; Cherry me, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss)
Intense Care - This babylips comes packaged in yellow casing finished with orange writing, as I mentioned with the Hydrate balm my lips are in a good state at the moment meaning I cant really put this one to the test. I applied this last night before bed and to be honest I couldn't say my lips felt any different by the morning although when first applied this leaves your lips feeling great. Smell and texture wise this reminds me a lot of a lip balm I love from Nivea, This probably is my least favourite from the range although that's not to say it's not a good lip balm.
Pink Punch- This scary looking balm applies to the lips as a pretty pink shade as opposed to the extremely bright looking product in the pink packaging. Like the others this tinted balm leaves my lips feeling moisturised and is definitely the most pigmented of the bunch. I cant say the colour lasts too long on the lips but I love reaplying as it smells amazing
Peach Kiss- Packaged in a pretty purple tube, I would say Peach Kiss is the least pigmented of the three tinted balms. The sheer peach tint has a little glitter running through it which I feel would make it that perfect my lips but better shade on paler skins. Out of the three tints I find this to be the most moistursing on the lips. Again this balm smells great I just cant put my finger on what the scent actually is.
Cherry Me- Saving the best until last this orange tubed balm has already found a loving home in my handbag, I would say this is probably my favourite balm so far mainly down to the cherry drops like scent! I find it gives my lips a lovely hint of colour which isn't too over the top and leaves them feeling great!

Overall I really love this line, and while part of me wishes there were more tinted balms in the collection the clear versions (especially Mint Fresh) have really won me over and I'm proud to have them all in my stash. I absolutely adore the packaging and know I'm likely to have at least one of these in my handbag at anytime for a long time to come. For just £2.99 these are worth a try. While they're not the most pigmented products in the world they don't claim to be and perform great as lip balms. I really hope these become easier to locate although if you are struggling to find these I'd recommend alternatively trying Miss Sporty's Dr Balms, they aren't nearly as cute as these but they are a pound cheaper!

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  1. I have Pink Punch and Grape Vine. I recently posted about Baby Lips too xx

  2. I'm jealous of the range you have access to! xx

  3. i really wanna try peach kiss!

    also, i'm hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog at the moment with a mac lipstick of your choice up for grabs so be sure to check it out! UK only though!

    katy x

  4. I have Peach Kiss and it's lovely! Can't wait to try some more, they're perfect for work when I just want a wash of colour :)

    The Beauty Belle

    1. I love a sheer wash of colour, so these are pretty much perfect for me :) xx