Friday, 9 August 2013

London Beauty Haul!

I mentioned yesterday that myself and LFA had been shopping in London where we both ended up spending a little to much. We actually started our trip in Stratford since I wanted to visit the Kiko store in Westfield, I was pretty good and only brought three things which were all on offer. The first thing I picked up was a smart lipstick in the shade 900 Posy beige  this was only £2.50 although according to the Kiko webiste these are normally £3.90. I've been seaching for a mat top coat for a while now so when I spotted this one also for £2.50 I figured I'd give it ago, Especially since these are normally £4.90 on the website. Finally I spotted this cute lip and cheek product in the 50% off bins for just £2.90 and figured it was too cute to leave behind.
While we were in Westfield we also made a trip to Lush where I finally made a purchase, The problem I have with Lush is that I hate pushy sales people although luckily this one was kind of busy and we were left to do our own thing which I prefer. I picked up two products, the melting marshmallow moment for £3.85 and the comforter for £4.45. I kind of feel like the marshmallow moment was a rip of purely because its around half of the size of the comforter but it was something I really wanted to try and smells amazing. I plan on spilting these across quite a few baths to get the most out of my money so expect individual posts!
   Next we checked out Superdrug where I brought yet another Real Techiques brush for £10.99 as I figured the stippling brush would be good for applying cream blushes. I brought a couple of more 1D make up bits after being impressed with this lipstick from the range, I brought another lipstick n the shade moments and an amazingly pigmented cheek tint in the shade rose riot. 
Once we had got the train to Oxford Circus we had to check out & other stories (we are obsessed with the scrubs!) I brought a Shinjuku Bloom body scrub for £7, they also had a bunch of items with 50% off where I found this cute lipgloss for just £3.50.
We couldnt visit Oxford street without visiting Primark, and although they aren't necessarily beauty items I had to show you these candles which smell lovely. I picked up 'Vanilla & coconut creme' along with 'Juicy Blueberry & Blossom' which were just £2 each - I'd recommend you go and give them a sniff as they had a great range of scents. I also picked up another £1 eyelash curler as I feel they do a great job and I'm always misplacing my current one.
I tried not to go crazy in Topshop, but I love when I go into London as the selection of make up is so great whereas my local stores dont even stock it. I finally picked up the much raved about cream blush in the shade head over heels for a reasonable £6, To be honest it looks kind of small although I perfer it that way rather than a load of product going to waste as I take forever to finish products. I also picked up my first Topshop lipstick in the shade innocent for £8. Finally these nail art decorations were just too cute to pass by at just £3.50, I love how they have a whole host of current trends such as studs.
Finally on the beauty side of things we visited Boots where I finally picked up 'The Bronze of Champions' kit from benefit. This was £26.50 which I found pretty hard to justify as personally I would rather try a few cheaper products than one more expensive product I might not like. But this comes with six minis which work out at around £4.50 each which I would be willing to pay to try each one and I'm yet to be let down by anything I've tried from Benefit. Plus buying it in Boots rather than elsewhere meant I earned points which is always a bonus. Next I brought the Loreal cleansing water on sale for £3.33 to try against my beloved Bioderma, I tried this last night and to be honest I'm not a huge fan so expect a comparison post at come post in the future. I also picked up these bigger cotton wool pads which I've heard so much about for just under £2, This is more than I would normally spend however they were buy one get one half price and are really nice quality. Finally since I brought the whole set of babylips for one of you guys to win, I figured it was only fair that I treated myself to them too.

So there you have it all of the beauty bits I brought while in London, I also brought a couple of clothing bits too so I may do a clothing haul with them at some point in the future because I've brought quite a few skirts and dresses lately. If you see anything here you'd like me to review let me know in the comments. What have you been buying lately?


  1. love this post - I've spotted a few things I might [should] pick up the next time I'm out and about! x

    Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita