Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Favourites!

Soap & Glory Solar Powder (£11.00/9g) - When it comes to bronzers I'm pretty weary of what I buy mainly because I'm pale and don't want to waste £11 on something which doesn't work for me. Although when I spotted Soap and glory had a 2 or £15 offer on I finally picked up this little beauty and fell in love! I will be posting a full review on this so I wont say too much, just that this is a really  lovely contour shade for paler skin - I love that there are two shades although personally I just use a mix of both.

Soap & Glory Glow all out (£11.00/7.5g) - I brought this along with the solar powder and love this just as much. It's just a great all round highlighter which I've found myself reaching for over all of my other products.

Maybelline Babylips in 'Cherry me' (£2.99) - To be honest this product represents the whole range as I really do like them, while I don't find these to be the best balms in the world I really love the coloured versions especially 'Cherry me' - you can read my full review of the whole range here.
L-R: S&G Solar Powder, S&G Glow all out, Maybelline Babylips in 'Cherry me'

Simple regeneration age resisting eye cream (£6.99/15ml) - I may only be 18, but I think the skin around your eyes is something so many people neglect in their skincare routine despite the fact that its something which can really age you. Since using this the skin around my eyes feels so much more hydrated, Puffiness also hasn't been an issue since. I also picked this up on offer too which is always a nice bonus.

Benefit They're real mascara (£19.50/8.5g) - Keeping with the eye theme I have once again fallen in love with one of my favourite mascaras. If only the price tag wasn't such a killer! I cant believe I have never reviewed this one fully so look out for that rave review.

Neutrogena intense repair lip balm - This was another one of my Boots Clearance finds and cost just a pound, It's lived in the back of my draw for a few months now although when I started organising myself for uni last week I discovered it again just in time since my lips had started playing up. Nothing has ever fixed my lips quicker and now I'm pretty much in love. If you guys know where I can find this please let me know in the comments below (I will love you forever)

I find it crazy that by the time I write my next time I write one of these types of posts I will be living in halls (I move two weeks today), What have you been loving this month?

Friday, 30 August 2013

August Empties!

 This month I've been in a rush to use up a bunch of products before I leave for uni, meaning I've found my way through quite a few things. I still have a few bits which I'm close to finishing so you may see another empties post before my moving date.

Naked Skincare Up Tone Girl Toner -  This range has been discounted now which is a shame because I really enjoyed the products. This was just a really nice toner which left my skin feeling clean and clear, If you can find a bottle I'd suggest picking it up!

Soap and Gory No Clogs Allowed (£11.50/100ml) - I love this stuff and will be picking up another tube when I get a chance, It just works! I was lucky enough to pick it up for just £3.50 in the clearance and will be stocking up when S&G have a good offer on.

St Ives Apricot Scrub (£1.20/30ml) - This is the best scrub I have ever used and I will be picking up the full size very soon! I just love that its jam packed with beads meaning it really gives a good exfoliation.

Loreal micellar water (£4.99/200ml) - I made my thoughts on this pretty clear in this post, I used the rest on my make up brushes.

Simple blackhead eliminating scrub (£4.99/75ml) - If you want to eliminate anything I wouldn't recommend this. Personally I like a scrub you can feel working - this was too gentle for me!
Batiste dry shampoo light & Blonde (£3.99/200ml) - This is the only dry shampoo I will use. The 'hint of colour' means that it blends with my blonde hair rather than adding a strange white/grey tint like similar products can do.

John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo (£5.99/250ml) - I tend to use this in the summer to give my hair help in the lightening process, it does the tick and there's often a three for £10 offer.

Organic Surge Blonde Boost Conditioner (£5.99/200ml)- I got this in the sale for £1.50 and thought It did a good job. I loved the way it left my hair, although I hated the smell!

Fish Protective straightening mist (£1.00/150ml) - I picked this up in a poundshop and really liked using it, it protected from any heat damage without leaving my hair looking greasy. If I saw it at such a low price again I'd stock up!

Herbal Essences bee strong shampoo and conditioner (£3.89/400ml) - I like Herbal Essences although personally I don't think this is the best range they have to offer, but i find these to be reasonably priced and the bottles last forever! 
Lush Melting Marshmallow moment (£3.85/100g) - I did a full review of this product here, It smelt lovely although I wont be buying again.

Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.50) - Again I fully reviewed this product here. Although I preferred this over the Melting Marshmallow moment, I still feel this is way to overpriced.

Mango Body Scrub - This was part of a gift set so I have no idea where it came from. The scent was amazing and as a body wash I liked it, although its marketed as a scrub which is strange because it had no exfoliating power whatsoever.

Balance Me Super toning Body wash (£10.25/260ml) - I feel like £10.25 is way too overpriced, but I really enjoyed this sample while it lasted.

Soap & Glory Clean Girls Body wash (£6.50/500ml)- This stuff smells great although personally I prefer 'Clean on me' and will be buying that scent next time.

& Other Stories Punk Bouquet Body Scrub (£7.00/250ml)- I reviewed this product here, and honestly cant rave about this enough. I'd strongly recommend & other stories if you're in the market for a new scrub.
Chocomania Beautifying Oil (£9/100ml) - I brought this in a blog sale for £2, I enjoyed using it although wont be buying another since I go through it way too quickly to spend £9 on it.

Raspberry Body Butter (£13.00/200ml) -  Loved this body butter, although I cant see myself paying £13 pound for it. Will be looking out for offers!

Vaseline Spray & Go Body moisturiser in cocoa radiant (£4.99/190ml) - At first I loved this stuff it's super practical and smells amazing, although when it run out after under two weeks of use I wasn't left too impressed!

Superrug Mango & Papaya Body Butter (£3.69/200ml)- I rave about these all the time, they're so moisturising yet don't break the bank!

What products have you finished using this month?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Comforter Bubble Bar

 Nothing has cured the stress of the past week better than a good old bubble bath. Suddenly I've found myself spending my limited time left at home shopping for essentials and packing up my room in the rush to be ready in time for uni. While I still have a whole two weeks left at home, my aim is to make those two weeks count - I don't want to suddenly get to a few days before the big move and have to waste my time left packing! My bath product of choice this week has been Lush's 'the comforter bubble bar slice' which smells incredible! You only need about a sixth of this to get a really great bath, all you have to do is crumble it under running water and you're left with a bath full of pink water a life time of bubbles! 
My only issue with this is the price tag which according to the website is £4.50 (although I know I paid less when I brought this a couple of weeks ago) for the limited number of baths you get I feel this is a little pricey. Especially when alternatively you could find a pretty decent bubble bath for around a pound.  I love the smell and whole experience of using this product just not enough to justify buying this for myself again. 

What do you guys think of Lush products? Can you justify the price tag?

Sunday, 25 August 2013

LIB Collections Editor's Picks box

Back to normal posts today which I'm really excited about, I've never really had a blogging 'routine' although I have always tried to post at least once every other day and miss it when I'm unable to so. I was having a nose on Latest in Beauty the other day and spotted that they had a new Editors picks box which happened to fall into my basket so today I figured I'd show you guys what I got in the box because at £12.95 (including postage) I thought it was great value.
Bella Pierre eyeshadow in Celebration (full size worth £12.99) - This alone covers the price of the whole box which is pretty impressive. To be honest I already own one of these which has been forgotten about until now, but now that I have two I'm going to make an effort to use them and get a review up for you guys. I got the shade Celebration which is a lovely bronzy shade that I look forward to trying.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company shadow brush (full size worth £7.00) - I've been wanting to try something from the vintage cosmetic company for a while now, although personally I do feel that £7 for a single brush is a little pricey when you can get a RT set for under £20 if you shop around. With that in mind this feels lovely and I'm happy to have it in my collection, I look forward to trying it with my new eyeshadow!
Benefit they're real mascara (3g sample size worth £6.88) - I love this stuff, although parting with £19.50 for a 8.5g tube isn't something I find easy so I'm happy to have yet another mini tube in my collection. It just leaves your lashes looking great and doesnt budge all day. Although to be honest I dont understand why benefit has changed the Mini versions, pevoiusly minis were 4g and resembled the shape of a full sized tube.

Mirenesse Velvet mini lip moisture shine (1.5g worth $12.95/£8.32) -  I wasn't expecting this to be so expensive! They even have a bigger size version on the website that retails for nearly $40! I'm not too sure what the shade of this is called one but it feels great on and I love the colour so its a winner in my book!

Mavala nail colour in Rouge Rubis (5ml worth £4.00) - Again this a a product from a brand I've never tried, I love the shade and the fact that the bottle is pretty small as I struggle to finish nail polishes!
Nspa Melting Cleansing Gel (Full size worth £6) - I'm always hearing about Nspa but haven't been lucky enough to try any of their products yet. Despite the latest in beauty website advertising a 30ml sample size I actually got a 125ml tube of this stuff which was a lovely bonus. Although at the moment I have a load of products I'm trying to use up before I move to uni next month so will be taking this unopened bottle with me to use when I get there.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask (15ml sample worth £10.50) - This is a product from yet another brand I've wanted to try for a while now. I haven't had a chance to try this yet but it smells an awful lot like Out of trouble from Origins so I look forward to trying!
Nicky Clarke instant calmer (30ml sample worth £3.60) - I don't think I've ever tried anything from Nicky Clarke so I'm excited to try this as I'm one of those people that has to put product in my hair after washing. I love the smell too!

Yardley English Rose (full size worth £2.49) - To be honest I'm not a huge fan of rose so this is the thing I'm least excited about. Not too sure what I'll do with this although I will most likely pass it on to someone else.

As London Candle - I have no idea what this last one is worth since there seems to be nothing like it in the As website although judging by their other products I'm guessing its expensive. I'm not too fond of the smell although hopefully I'll prefer it once it's burning.

Overall when you consider that this box is worth a grand total of £61.78 (based on the price of full sized products) even without the price of the candle i think this is a great bargain. Especially because I will use pretty much all of the products. What's your opinion on beauty boxes?

Saturday, 24 August 2013


So as you may have gathered from my Internet silence last week, I took an unplanned short break while on holiday. I have had Internet access although I will always favour quality over quantity and didn't just want to throw together posts at the end of the day that I wasn't proud of. I suspect things will get a lot busier here over the next month as I have so many things I want to post about, but today I wanted to show you guys a few snaps from my trip. We ended up staying in a family friends holiday home for around five nights, which was basically on the beach. It was just lovely to wake up and see the sea from my window every morning without worrying about rushing to be somewhere ontime. The above picture was the view from my bedroom window which I already miss waking up to everynight.
I snapped this picture while walking on the beach back to the house one night, being me I only packed actual shoes, although luckily there was a holiday camp quite near buy where I managed to buy the ugliest flip flops in the world. Even though I only wore them twice it was worth it though as the beach was lovely, esepically with the sunset!
One day myself and LFA tried to catch a boat,we failed miserably as the place was signposted terribly although i did managed to get a picture of the boats and the amazing blue sky we had that day.
Once we worked out the boats were off limits we took a bus to Claction Pier where we went on pretty much every ride on offer, I actually ended up here a couple of times since my sisters wanted to see the pier too. Although the floor pretty much terrified me, so many gaps!
Finally after we'd been out to eat one night I took this picture of an arcade which I thought was pretty. Personally i'd rather waste my money on make up but each to their own.

So there you have it, a few pictures from my five nights in Clacton, have you been anywhere nice this year? Also a big congrats to the winner of my two year giveaway, I'll be in touch soon!

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

On the road again..

I'm currently staying in a family friends beach house for the week, although being me I'm super unprepared and forgot to plan any blog posts (or pack my case until an hour before leaving for that matter) I figured I'd show you guys the things I had with me for the car journey, although I probably wont be doing any more travel themed posts purely because I did them while I was away in June. I will be joined with fellow blogger LFA tomorrow so I can see myself blogging at some point. Firstly I have a magazine, Company is the only one I will actually read, I think this mainly because its one of the few magazines to actually embrace new forms of media and it doesn't bore me with about 300 adverts before I get to the articles. I have my sun protection and aftersun in the hope that the weather will be better than it is at home along with my standard nail file, hand cream and sanitiser. Make up wise I simply have an & other stories lip gloss and a babylips in the shade cherry me. As always I have my purse and passport since I'm one of those people who gets ID'ed for everything, along with a packet of chewing gum and some yogurt coated raisins as a snack. So there you have it everything I have to last the journey along with my phone which was used to snap this picture.

What are your travel must haves?

Friday, 16 August 2013

Melting Marshmallow moment

I've always wanted to try products from Lush, although to be honest I've often been put off by the pushy sale people in my local stores. So when I was shopping in Westfield I was sure to check the selection of products available while it was quite  busy. One of these products I ended up walking away with is this Melting Marshmallow Moment Luxury bath melt. I'm pretty much obsessed with moisturising so a product which promised to leave my skin 'silky smooth' sounded great to me. It wasn't until I was home that I realised just how amazing this smelt, according to the website it smells 'just like snow fairy' so I will be jumping on that bandwagon next year!
Unfortunately my love of this product pretty much stops with the smell. When reading the Lush website so many people claimed you could get 4+ great baths from this, although the two baths I had with a fourth of the product in were nothing special at all. If anything there was a lovely but faint smell. My final bath was with the final half of this bath melt which was admittedly better - the water turnt a slight pink shade and the smell seemed stronger although didnt last on the skin. This also claimed to be packed with oils and although on the last bath I did notice that my skin was slightly softer, I still felt the need to mostiurise afterwoods.

Overall I feel this product would be best used as a whole, although I will not be racing to spend £3.95 on a single bath anytime soon.  With that in mind I loved the scent and will be on the look out for snow fairy when it launches this year!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

I'm going to University!

I'm sorry if you're already bored of the subject, but I figured today is an occasion I want to mark. It's A level results day and like many others I received my results which secured my place at University. To be honest, I didn't think this was a post I would ever get to write so I was over the moon when I logged into my UCAS this morning and discovered that my place at my first choice university had been confirmed. I wont go into the grades I got or where I'm studying as I'm cautious with the information I put online, but I will say as of next month I will be starting my law degree at my dream university which I couldn't be happier about. Congratulations to those who already have their results and best of luck to those awaiting them!  I also want to say a huge thank you to you guys as this is my first post since I hit 300 GFC followers! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bioderma Vs Loreal's micellar water

Since finally buying a bottle back in may I have been a huge Bioderma fan, so much so that over the past three months I have literally used nothing else to getting my make up off as I find it does such a fantastic job. Although I have plans to move away from London next year so I've been on the hunt for a more accessible alternative. On my latest trip to Boots I picked up Loreal's Skin Perfection 3 in 1 purifying Micellar Solution which has been considered a dupe for Bioderma by many since it's launch. To be honest from the first use of the loreal product I absolutely hated it, the only thing it has in common with Bioderma is the fact that its a clear liquid. While Bioderma seems to have no problem with removing all traces of dirt and make up from my skin the Loreal version seems to stuggle and leaves my skin feeling almost unclean after use. But the final straw came when I attempted to use the Loreal product on my eyes. While Bioderma doesn't seem to have a problem with gently breaking down my eye make up and causes me no pain, Loreal stung like hell! Although I haven't let my Loreal cleanser go completely to waste, it now lives in my bathroom as an extra step in my brush cleansing routine (you wouldn't believe just how much make up it removes from my brushes!) 

Have you tried any cleansing waters?

Monday, 12 August 2013

MUA sale haul..

So you may have noticed by all of my hauls lately that I've been doing a lot of shopping, although when I saw MUA's latest sale I had to make an order since a bunch of their stock was 75% off! While the majority of my order was Fashionista, I did pick up a few bits from MUA including the E5 eyelash brush which I figured would be a great way to tame my eyebrows for just £1.50, along with a £1 clear mascara. I've wanted to try MUA's Pro-Base fixing mist for a long time so added that to my basket for just £5 along with a £1 red lip liner.
The rest of my order came from the Fashionista range which all had a significant amount of money off. I picked up a luminous foundation for just £3 reduced from £12, the Fashionista concealer for £1.50 reduced from £6 and Fashionista vanishing cream for just £3 from £10. I've always loved MUA's eyebrow kit although the packaging snapped on me so I figured I'd pick up the Fashionista eyebrow kit which is basically the same thing for half price at £3.50. I was tempted by a blush palette although I decided to be good and pick up just two shades; Amber Glow and Juicy Apricot which are talked about a lot for just £1.65 each! Finally I picked up two lipsticks for juts £1.50 from £7, in the shades Natural Pink and Atomic Tangerine.

Did you pick up anything in the MUA sale?

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Maybelline Baby lips!

I've always been a fan of tinted lip balms, so much so that regardless of how many lip products I own they always seem to be my most worn. As you can imagine I was pretty happy when I heard Maybelline were finally bringing the Baby lips range to the UK and somehow managed to pop all six to my basket which to be honest I don't think I've ever done regardless of how excited I am to try a product, normally I like to try one or two products to see if I like them before purchasing more but I just figured they were only £2.99 each so I wouldn't be missing out on too much if I ended up hating them. Below I have a paragraph on what I feel about each one along with swatches of the tinted versions to give you an idea on how they perform individually.
Hydrate- Packaged in blue casing and complete with pink writing this baby lips leaves my lips instantly hydrated as the name 'hydrate' would suggest. The clear balm has a lovely smell to it which I cant quite put my finger on and leaves the lips feeling super moisturised without any stickiness. I cant say how this would battle with dry/cracked lips in need of a little more care as mine are fine at the moment but if you love that 'just moisturied' feeling or want to insure your lips stay in good condition than this could be the Babylips for you.
Mint Fresh- As you would expect from the name this green packaged balm is complete with a gorgeous mint scent. As this is another clear one I wasn't expecting to love it, but its quickly become one of my favourites, purely because of the feel when you apply it. It just leaves the lips feeling really fresh and is a balm I can see myself going through pretty quickly as I cant stop reapplying! 
(L-R; Cherry me, Pink Punch, Peach Kiss)
Intense Care - This babylips comes packaged in yellow casing finished with orange writing, as I mentioned with the Hydrate balm my lips are in a good state at the moment meaning I cant really put this one to the test. I applied this last night before bed and to be honest I couldn't say my lips felt any different by the morning although when first applied this leaves your lips feeling great. Smell and texture wise this reminds me a lot of a lip balm I love from Nivea, This probably is my least favourite from the range although that's not to say it's not a good lip balm.
Pink Punch- This scary looking balm applies to the lips as a pretty pink shade as opposed to the extremely bright looking product in the pink packaging. Like the others this tinted balm leaves my lips feeling moisturised and is definitely the most pigmented of the bunch. I cant say the colour lasts too long on the lips but I love reaplying as it smells amazing
Peach Kiss- Packaged in a pretty purple tube, I would say Peach Kiss is the least pigmented of the three tinted balms. The sheer peach tint has a little glitter running through it which I feel would make it that perfect my lips but better shade on paler skins. Out of the three tints I find this to be the most moistursing on the lips. Again this balm smells great I just cant put my finger on what the scent actually is.
Cherry Me- Saving the best until last this orange tubed balm has already found a loving home in my handbag, I would say this is probably my favourite balm so far mainly down to the cherry drops like scent! I find it gives my lips a lovely hint of colour which isn't too over the top and leaves them feeling great!

Overall I really love this line, and while part of me wishes there were more tinted balms in the collection the clear versions (especially Mint Fresh) have really won me over and I'm proud to have them all in my stash. I absolutely adore the packaging and know I'm likely to have at least one of these in my handbag at anytime for a long time to come. For just £2.99 these are worth a try. While they're not the most pigmented products in the world they don't claim to be and perform great as lip balms. I really hope these become easier to locate although if you are struggling to find these I'd recommend alternatively trying Miss Sporty's Dr Balms, they aren't nearly as cute as these but they are a pound cheaper!

I'm currently giving away all of the Baby lips discussed in this post, So to be in with a chance of winning just click here.

Friday, 9 August 2013

London Beauty Haul!

I mentioned yesterday that myself and LFA had been shopping in London where we both ended up spending a little to much. We actually started our trip in Stratford since I wanted to visit the Kiko store in Westfield, I was pretty good and only brought three things which were all on offer. The first thing I picked up was a smart lipstick in the shade 900 Posy beige  this was only £2.50 although according to the Kiko webiste these are normally £3.90. I've been seaching for a mat top coat for a while now so when I spotted this one also for £2.50 I figured I'd give it ago, Especially since these are normally £4.90 on the website. Finally I spotted this cute lip and cheek product in the 50% off bins for just £2.90 and figured it was too cute to leave behind.
While we were in Westfield we also made a trip to Lush where I finally made a purchase, The problem I have with Lush is that I hate pushy sales people although luckily this one was kind of busy and we were left to do our own thing which I prefer. I picked up two products, the melting marshmallow moment for £3.85 and the comforter for £4.45. I kind of feel like the marshmallow moment was a rip of purely because its around half of the size of the comforter but it was something I really wanted to try and smells amazing. I plan on spilting these across quite a few baths to get the most out of my money so expect individual posts!
   Next we checked out Superdrug where I brought yet another Real Techiques brush for £10.99 as I figured the stippling brush would be good for applying cream blushes. I brought a couple of more 1D make up bits after being impressed with this lipstick from the range, I brought another lipstick n the shade moments and an amazingly pigmented cheek tint in the shade rose riot. 
Once we had got the train to Oxford Circus we had to check out & other stories (we are obsessed with the scrubs!) I brought a Shinjuku Bloom body scrub for £7, they also had a bunch of items with 50% off where I found this cute lipgloss for just £3.50.
We couldnt visit Oxford street without visiting Primark, and although they aren't necessarily beauty items I had to show you these candles which smell lovely. I picked up 'Vanilla & coconut creme' along with 'Juicy Blueberry & Blossom' which were just £2 each - I'd recommend you go and give them a sniff as they had a great range of scents. I also picked up another £1 eyelash curler as I feel they do a great job and I'm always misplacing my current one.
I tried not to go crazy in Topshop, but I love when I go into London as the selection of make up is so great whereas my local stores dont even stock it. I finally picked up the much raved about cream blush in the shade head over heels for a reasonable £6, To be honest it looks kind of small although I perfer it that way rather than a load of product going to waste as I take forever to finish products. I also picked up my first Topshop lipstick in the shade innocent for £8. Finally these nail art decorations were just too cute to pass by at just £3.50, I love how they have a whole host of current trends such as studs.
Finally on the beauty side of things we visited Boots where I finally picked up 'The Bronze of Champions' kit from benefit. This was £26.50 which I found pretty hard to justify as personally I would rather try a few cheaper products than one more expensive product I might not like. But this comes with six minis which work out at around £4.50 each which I would be willing to pay to try each one and I'm yet to be let down by anything I've tried from Benefit. Plus buying it in Boots rather than elsewhere meant I earned points which is always a bonus. Next I brought the Loreal cleansing water on sale for £3.33 to try against my beloved Bioderma, I tried this last night and to be honest I'm not a huge fan so expect a comparison post at come post in the future. I also picked up these bigger cotton wool pads which I've heard so much about for just under £2, This is more than I would normally spend however they were buy one get one half price and are really nice quality. Finally since I brought the whole set of babylips for one of you guys to win, I figured it was only fair that I treated myself to them too.

So there you have it all of the beauty bits I brought while in London, I also brought a couple of clothing bits too so I may do a clothing haul with them at some point in the future because I've brought quite a few skirts and dresses lately. If you see anything here you'd like me to review let me know in the comments. What have you been buying lately?

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Two Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

Today marks two whole years since I first started blogging. I find it had to stick to anything and was overwhelmed when I reached a whole year of blogging although two just seems crazy to me! Looking back its hard to believe how far I've come and just how much I've learnt. I am truly grateful for each and every one of you and have no doubt that I'll be writing another soppy post in two more years time. I love being part of this community and am so pleased I finally have a place to share my beauty obsession without being judged (because lets face it you're all just as bad as me!).

To mark this occasion Love from Angelic treated me to cake before a serious shopping trip yesterday (I'm spending the day in bed to recover, although expect a haul soon) I figured I really wanted to do something to celebrate and although I'm never going to be that blog with a constant steam of giveaways I thought since this was a special occasion and I'd giveaway something I've been dying to try myself and have found pretty hard to find! So I'm giving away a whole set of Maybelline Baby Lips to say thank you to you guys, The only mandatory requirement is that you follow me via GFC and live in the UK since postage elsewhere will add up to more than the actual prize is worth. There are a few other ways you can earn extra entries and although the giveaway is open to new followers I will be rewarding you guys who already follow me with extra entries to say thank you!

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Good Luck!

Monday, 5 August 2013

MUA Kiss you lipstick in 'I want'

 I'm a big fan of MUA, I own so many of their products, rave about them constantly on my blog and even have half of my friends and family hooked. So when I heard about their new Little Things One Direction range I was pretty curious. To be honest, the fact that this line is 1D themed is something most people will either love or hate, Personally I'm not a fan but that doesn't take away at all from how great some of the range is.
I really love the design of these lipsticks and feel they look alot more expensive than they are. I love that despite the difference to MUA's regular line these still allow you to see the shade inside on the end which is great if you have a big collection of lipsticks like myself. Each is complete with a band members signature - I have the shade 'I want' which is apparently Liam's shade although to be honest it took me a while to work that out from the signature.  
I think the '1D' logo on top is also a lovely touch which makes having to ruin it such a shame. The shade itself is a beautiful red whose pigmentation rivals that of higher end brands. I found 'I want' to be so comfortable on my lips it felt like I was wearing nothing at all. And the colour itself lasts an impressive three hours before it needs touching up which for £3 isnt half bad.
I really love this shade and cant wait to try more in the line, It's just one which really makes a statement on the lips yet at the same time I feel really comfortable wearing it and not like I have to check up on it every five minutes. Personally I find my favourotie method to apply this is to first use a lip brush with the lipstick to insure I get the lipstick all over - I then go over with the lipstick itself to create a more intense look.
You can pick up the Kiss Me Lipsticks for £3 in selected Superdrug stores.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Free Bumble and Bumble in Elle!

In this months issue of Elle magazine (£4.00) readers are given a free 50ml Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray worth £7.50. I honestly think this is one of my favourite freebies of the year and I'm really looking forward to trying it out, Will you be buying a copy?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Collective Haul (featuring Primark)

I'm sorry if you don't like hauls, but over the next week or so you're going to be seeing a lot of them! I realised when we had the heat wave a couple of weeks back that I have no summer clothes which sparked a spending spree over at ASOS and Forever 21. Then of course since I was shopping online I couldn't leave Fragrance direct! I was going to do a collective haul of everything but since there's a bank hoilday on monday I figured everything would get stuck in the post and I want to tell you about the deals while they're still on (plus it would be a huge haul which can get boring). So here are a few things I picked up while shopping yesterday!
I decided I wanted to pick up some new pyjamas since I'm going to be moving into uni halls with a bunch of people I don't already know. I was only planing on getting one or two pairs but they had a good sale in Primark and one thing lead to another. These super cute Sesame Street bottoms were my most expensive buy at £7, but they were miles to fun to leave behind! I then came across a load of reduced pairs like these adorable Somewhere over the rainbow pair and this neon pair for £4 each , I also found these strawberry ones for just £3! I picked up a £3 phone case, £2 earrings and a coffee cup for £2.50. Finally I spotted Primarks version of 'sleep in' rollers for just £2!
In Superdrug I picked up two old favourites which were half price in the form of Witch's Skin Clearing Primer and Superdrug's Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser. I also picked up 2 Barry M Gelly polishes at the till since they were on a 2 for £6 offer, the sleek face form palette which I've wanted for ages and a Kiss You 1D lipstick for £3 since I think the colour is amazing.
I went in Boots in search for Babylips, although the woman told me that they were launching on the 7th despite the fact that a tone of you guys seemed to have found them. I did quite well for me and even earned an extra 150 points since I went to the Kiosk first. I was really exicted to see Vaselines Spary & go on sale for £4.99 since ive beeen harassing Vaseline to bring this to the UK on twitter for a good while now. I also picked up the Dove oil spary and Palmers Natural Bronze for half price. Finally I figured I'd try Boots Expert Build up removel shampoo for £3.49 since I love using cleansing shampoos.
Finally I picked up two DVDs for £10 in HMV. I've heard that Crazy Stupid Love is funny so figured I'd pick that up along with The Perks of being a wallflower which is talked about a lot.

So there you have it, everything which made my arms hurt on the way home yesterday! What have you brought lately?