Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Shopping my stash

Lately I've been buying more products than I've actually been using, which isn't the best idea especially when you're room is as small as mine. I find that products are easily forgotten about and left to one side as newer ones take their place, so today I figured I'd 'shop my stash' and give those products some love.  The first thing I wanted to start getting more use out of is this cream blush from Dainty Doll in the shade Orange County Girl which I've raved about in the past. Although when I got the powder version of this shade I started to use that more as I favoured the finish. As this is a cream product it's ideal for summer, and as I own both the powder and cream version I can use them both together to create a longer lasting look which is ideal when the weathers nice. Next up is this Sanctuary Spa Body Milk Spray, while I think the product inside is descent enough the packaging just irritates me and its pretty hard to spray unless its at a certain angle meaning that rather than spraying directly to my skin I find myself spraying to my hand first which kind of defeats the purpose of the product in the first place. I remember how excited I was to try MUA's Undress your skin foundation,  although to be honest I don't think I've ever actually worn this foundation yet! It claims to give an illuminated look which I always love , so I have high hopes for this one! While I love a good nude lip there's something which draws me to these 17 Berry Crush lip stains, yet they've literally been left in my 'to photograph' pile for months! Summer seems to scream to me bright lip so I'm looking forward to using these. I use way too much heat on my hair, so I'll be digging out my Bumble and Bumble Surf spray as an alternative throughout the summer (Since with the weather as of late its getting too much heat from the sun as it is). Finally I'll be making the most of my favourite highlighter Sunbeam which I actually lost for a while so I'm happy we're reunited, It just gives a lovely glow and will be perfect for the summer months.

Have you 'shopped your stash' recently?


  1. I love to read and write these types of posts as I love remembering old products. The MUA foundation is actually quite good x

    1. Me too, I think I need to look for old products more! In that case I look forward to trying it :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's a wonderful product :) xx

  3. That blush looks amazing!

  4. It's one of my favourites :) xx