Monday, 22 July 2013

Revlon Top Speed nail polish: Royal

 When it comes to nail polishes Revlon are one of my go to brands, not only are they long lasting and quick drying, you can find a fantastic range of shades for under a pound if you shop around. Royal is no exception to this and has quickly become one of my favourite polishes, it's hard to believe I paid just 99p on Fragrance Direct! Topped with my Seche top coat this resembled a gel manicure, only messier because of my shoddy paint work!
Have you tried Revlon's nail polishes?


  1. I LOVE Revlon too! They're decently priced as opposed to some other brands *cough* ESSIE*cough*. I actually have this color. I really like the navy and it's a nice change from all the summery pink& oranges. :)

    1. I own way too many of their polishes! xx