Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Punk Bouquet Body Scrub

I love a good scrub, So when I finally had the chance to visit the & Other Stories store way back in May I was sure to treat myself to one. After sniffing all of the scrubs on offer I ended up buying the Punk Bouquet body scrub which was my favourite. Initially it was just the amazing scent which drew me in to this product, although I literally have no idea how to describe it so I'll leave that down to add & Other Stories who describe this scrub as 'a Smoothing sugar scrub that polishes skin to a silken texture and leaves it lusciously scented. Tiger orchid and dewy lotus flower are entwined with nutty almond and sweet tonka beans, overgrown by tree moss and topped with a splash of tangerine'. But its not just the scent which makes this product a complete winner, the texture is spot on and while I felt this was perhaps thinner than scrubs I'm used to (such as S&G's flake away), It's by no means watery and is jam packed with scrub practicals which really allow you to work into the skin and get amazing results.
Although its ridiculously cliche a little of this really does go a long way, and you find you need the smallest amount to cover a whole limb. This is probably down to the foam it creates as LFA explained in her post. While it's a little smaller than similar products on the market at 250ml, It really does last well and I'm not even done with half of this after two months of frequent use! At just £7 I think these are well worth a sniff next time your near the London store, I know I'll be back!

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