Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pound finds: Brit Rocks Nail Art

I love nail art although the trouble is I'm pretty rubbish at it, so when I saw these nail art stickers which boasted to be 'easy to apply' in Poundland I figured I'd give them a go. For just a Pound you get 12 Strips of sticker which you can cut down to suit your nails, In other words you get a good few uses from each one, Talk about a bargain!
Inside the packet itself you get to choose from a total of five designs which are predominantly influenced by chains, something which I've seen a lot of with nail art lately. But what I love most about these is how simple they are, you simply cut what you need from the strip, place on the nail then remove any excess before stealing into place with a top coat. Here I've paired the sticker with Essie's Neo Whimsical.
Have you ever tried nail stickers before?


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