Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Favourites!

 To be honest, this month has been pretty lazy! Although with that in mind I still have over six weeks until I hopefully start uni so I cant see myself getting any better anytime soon. The heat over the past month has also meant I've been wearing less make up, meaning I've featured just two make up items this month! 

Superdrug's Mango & Papaya Body Butter (£3.69/200ml) - I've raved about these body butters so much over the past two months but I just really like them and feel they're great if you need something to nourish the skin at a good price (they're often half price or buy one get one free too!)

REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream (£27/50ml) - This is kind of a cheat favourite since I've only used it a few times - But I love it! I just feels lovely on the skin and you dont need to use a huge amount, although with that in mind I'm not too sure I could part with £27 for it!

Vera Wang Lovestruck (£48/50ml) - To be honest I'm rubbish at describing scents so I wont even try, but this is just something always find myself coming back to despite my collection of fragrances. I really want to try the floral rush version too!  

Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser (£8.49/50ml) - I brought this for just over £2 in Organic Surge's big sale last month and have fell in love. Hopefully I will review this at some point because it's a great product even at full price.
Essie Neo Whimsical (£7.99/15ml) - I've really fallen for Essie polishes this month with my favourite being Neo Whimsical. It's just beautiful on and stays chip free for ages! Again something I need to review soon.

Benefit Lady's Choice Lipstick (£14) - This baby may be on it's last legs but it's my perfect nude! I also spotted that these are currently half price on Benefits website (may have to buy a back up)

Collection Waterproof Skylash (£1.00) - I picked this up in Poundland the other day and have worn nothing else since. To be honest this performs better than my favourite benefit mascara yet cost me just a pound! Bargain! 


  1. The benefit lipstick looks so pretty :)

  2. I've ALWAYS loved the collection mascara, I found it in Poundland too and ended up going and buying 2 more!