Saturday, 6 July 2013

Free Eyeko with Marie Claire

I figured today I'd make this post nice and short since i'm guessing 95% of you will want to go and make the most of the sun, unless you're one of the few like me who cant stand the heat - I  blame it on being pale! This months Marie Claire magazine is offering readers a free Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid eyeliner! In case anyone is wondering its 1.2g which according to the magazine is worth £8. The magazine itself is normally priced at £3.80,  but in selected shops it appears to be £2.50 -  this seems very random and these shops appear to range from newsagents to supermarkets. Personally I found my copy for £2.50 in Co-op, I'm really happy with this product and see myself getting a lot of use from it!

Will you be picking up this months copy of Marie Claire?


  1. omg! didn't know that they had select £2.50 copies - I almost got one for £3.80 from Tesco before but thought it was too expensive! x


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    1. Hopefully you'll be able to find a cheap one :) xx