Thursday, 11 July 2013

DIY Galaxy Nails with LFA

A few months ago I couldn't log into blogger without seeing a Galaxy print inspired nail art tutorial so when one of my close friends who blogs over at Love from Angelic  offered to paint my nails I knew exactly what look I wanted her to try since I'm useless at doing nail art for myself. What surprised me about this look is it isnt quite as complicated as it seems and it just three simple steps you'll have amazing nails. All you'll need is a good top and base coat, a black, white, pink and purple polish along with cotton buds and tooth picks to make the process easier.
1) Firstly you take any old black nail polish to form the base for this look and leave it to dry. Although personally I'd recommend a base coat first to avoid staining. This black from colour culture is particularly ideal because of the little sparkles withing it which add to the look although any finish will do.

2) Next preferably using a cotton bud to gain extra texture pat a diagonal strip of white nail polish across the nail and leave to dry (the messier the better!), you then want to take the purple polish and start to pat this around the sides of the white polish to create more depth and finally with a bright pink repeat this patting process.

3) With a nail art polish like this one from 17, add white dots to the nail to represent stars, or if you don't have a polish with a thin nail brush simply use a toothpick to gain the same effect. Finally seal all that hard work in with a good topcoat to insure polish wear is prolonged.
So there you have it, Quick and easy galaxy nails! Have you tried this look?

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