Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What's in my travel bag; Skincare

I picked up these handy containers in poundland which have allowed me to bring my Bioderma, Naked's bare faced cheek face wash, Origins out of trouble mask and a little sudocrem incase of any break outs without having to pack huge bottles. I've also brought along a mini St Ives scrub as I think the brand is brilliant, my simple kind to eyes roll-on which I've been loving and a tiny sample of Rens radiant eye gel which I look forward to trying. My Caudalie beauty elixir is safely trucked away in a pair of fluffy stocks which currently have a set of pyjamas wrapped around them in pure fear the bottle will break, but I've really enjoyed using it and wanted to bring it along. Finally I look forward to trying this Balance Me balancing face moisturiser which I got free in a magazine a while back now.


  1. I never go on holiday without my Caudalie beauty elixir
    It's so good xxxx