Saturday, 22 June 2013

What's In my travel bag; Nails

I didn't want to go overboard with nails since there's only so many times I can paint my nails in one week (and only taking two shades gives me a chance to shop!). My Sally Hansen Growth Revitalizer was a must since I've been using this every time I've changed my nails over the course of the past month, and I have to say they are looking better than ever! Another new edition which has been helping my nails lately is this glass file from Mont Bleu which has made filing so much easier! I also thought that this trip would be the perfect chance to use my tiny L'occitane sample hand cream as it takes up practically no space in my bag. Not wanting to go over board with polishes I picked just Models own's neon polish in the shade bubblegum and Rimmel's Salon Pro in the shade Peppermint which will be topped with Seche Vites famous top coat. Finally I picked up a pack of nail polish remover pads today which I forgot to include in the above image since they will save me taking a huge bottle of remover along with me.


  1. The Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish is such a pretty color! Also, I would love if you could post a review on the L'occitane hand cream when you get a chance! I'm always interested in trying out different hand creams, but most are always so expensive.

    1. I'll try and get a post up soon for you :) xx