Monday, 17 June 2013

What's in my travel bag; Body

I always seem to have a huge stash of mini products so whenever I travel I love having the chance to use them up. I'm trying to be minimal with the products I do take as whenever I go back to visit my family I do way too much shopping, and I know if I forget something I can just pop to the shop. My week away gives me the perfect chance to try out this Molton Brown Aqua Shower Gel that I got in my Selfridge's Summer Beauty Box. I've also added a grand total of three body moisturisers including the Body Shops Strawberry Body Butter, Jergans Ultra heeling moisturuiser and Weledas sea buckthorn body lotion which is probably unnecessary, although I'm a little obsessive with moisturising and as a couple of these are ones I've never been tried before I want to insure I have enough in case I don't get along with one of them.  Although I think Mini deodorants are a rip off and I'm guessing there's enough room for a full one in my case I thought this mini from sure was so cute so had to pick it up from Superdrug, I'm not too sure if this will last the whole eight days I'm there but I can always pop out and pick up another. Finally I thought I'd throw in perfumes since I'm only taking two mini ones as I was scared of my larger ones smashing along the way, I've thrown in a mini bottle of Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck and Ghost Deep night. 


  1. body shop body butters are amazing! I love the mango and pink grapefruit ones, must give strawberry a whiff next time I am in!